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Best Quality for High Volume Printers

By njcsamuels ·
My company is currently collecting bids to replace our current high volume copiers. Two vendors so far are pitching Sharp printers. Two other vendors are saying that Sharp printers require more maintenance than others. I've tried to do some searching on the net for the best high volume printers and I do not see Sharp on any list. Do you have any thoughts on changing to Sharp printers? How do they rate against other major manufacturers? These printers need to print 50 -150 ppm, staple, hole-punch, 3000 sheet output bin.

Are there any lists for top selling printers for corporate use?

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Well, there are four main players in this space:

by robo_dev In reply to Best Quality for High Vol ...

HP, Xerox, Canon, and Lexmark.

Depending on whose lies, I mean statistics you believe, either Canon or HP are #1, but also Ricoh says that they are #1.

Since Xerox bought Tektronix, most of their new devices use solid-ink (thermal wax) versus toner, which is simpler to deal with, less wasteful, and works very well.

I have not dealt with Sharp. In large companies I have worked a lot with HP, Xerox, and Lexmark.

The interesting thing about Lexmark is that they are MUCH more willing to work with the customer in terms of printing solutions, software support, and so forth. They do not have the market share of the others, thus they 'try harder'. In a former company, Lexmark won LOTS of business by solving complex issues related to custom forms, replacing legacy line printers, and special check printing needs.

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OK the bit that got me was the 3,000 Sheet Output

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Best Quality for High Vol ...

With Stapling, Hole Punching in the finisher you very rarely have large output bins. Sure large input bins with up to 9,000 sheet capacity but nothing like that in the output bin.

But then again maybe it's not something I've ever required for a Client so I've never had to look for something like that.

Instead of asking what people know of Sharp you should be looking at their Service Contract Costs and Service Schedule not to mention costs per page.

Here I mainly recommend Canon to customers because they guarantee to be out within 4 business hours to do any service work for low volume users it's faster for the high volume users but not by all that much.

Instead of asking how good people have experienced these units to be it's how long they are down when they need service you should really be looking at and the costs involved. It's no good being a great unit if it takes the maker 3 months to supply a part that is required or if they do not have a service unit in your area.

Having saids that however I have to agree with the above the big 4 here are Canon, HP who buy their Printer Engines from Canon, Xerox and Kyocera with companies like Dell and Lexmark being Bit Players in the Printing Marker.

From that I look at who provides the best service and then the cost per page for my customers and make a recommendation accordingly. Most times it's about equal between Canon and HP and then gets more expensive for the smaller players or those who don't have a Service Unit here but rely on their Agents to do the service work.

Agents do not carry the spares that the Company Service Units do and are slower to do repairs.


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evaluating proposals

by njcsamuels In reply to Best Quality for High Vol ...

Thanks for the input. It's pretty much on point with what I've been hearing and reading. I'm interested in pursuing a proposal from Lexmark. However, i don't think be able to finalize the details in time.
One of the consultants we work with recommended a vendor. He confirms that their service is very good. Also, we have a long and well liked relationship with Canon.
We've received cost information and service details and SLAs, but the purpose of the original post was to ask the IT community about their thoughts on different printer vendor.
Thank you very much for any and all input.

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