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Best Remote Administration Tool?

By c.lee ·
I'm the IT guy at my current company and I'm just wondering what is the best for remote administration. What I would like to do is connect to any PC in the same network range and be able to control the mouse and keyboard from my location to troubleshoot any possible OS problems. All of the end users here are using either Windows XP Home or Windows XP Pro.

I've heard of RAdmin, RemotelyAnywhere, TightVNC, etc, but I wanted to hear the opinions of those who have actually had experience using them.

Perhaps why you would choose one over the other? Please let me know, as we're about to make a large purchase :) Thanks.


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Consider Dameware NT Utilities

by joebuerkle In reply to Best Remote Administratio ...

I have used TightVnc, however the client must be left open and active in order to connect. Dameware installs an agent that runs as a service you can set to manual turn on only when you connect. It also uses your domain credentials not a local password. My staff and I love it. It can also do alot more. You can download an eval at

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UltraVNC, Free and effective

by lordvrolok In reply to Consider Dameware NT Util ...

I have been using variations of VNC and played with other Remote Apps for a while and this one has it all.
Encryption, chat, file transfers, can install as a service.
There are a lot of different things that can be done with it, and the price is right.
With minimal effort it can make secure remote administration a breeze.
Just another opinion... good luck.

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VNC vs MS Netmeeting

by AJAYSHARMA13 In reply to Best Remote Administratio ...

Hi, I was involved in a support project where we had to remotely log into the user's system and fix the issue. For overseas operations I would suggest a tool called Remedy. For local use I think MS Netmeeting is very useful. I have also used VNC but the only constraint is the slow speed of the use. Go with MS Netmeeting... Hope you like it.

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I aggree

by here2go In reply to VNC vs MS Netmeeting

I aggree with you view concerning Netmeeting - IT is easy to configure, it works very well within Lans and Wans. Best of all it comes with WinXp so there is no further cost outlay.

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by b.swank In reply to VNC vs MS Netmeeting

Hello, several of us here have found that the pcanywhere product has been a great tool with not only helping to resolve login issues but to trouble shoot non critical hardware and software problems.

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VNC from Cardiff 2 NZ was V.G.

by MarkWAliasQ In reply to VNC vs MS Netmeeting

I have to disagree with you regarding VNC. I was called in to work one evening last week and it was necessary to remote a guy in New Zeland, it worked really well.

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we use "Logmein "

by greg_h In reply to Best Remote Administratio ...

hi we have had alot of issues connecting remotely , until we found "logmein" .com.
i really like the way it easily connects to any of our pc's that we want to access.

I should point out that we are in the country and have user's over 100kms any on dial up,

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Different LogMeIn option - IT Reach

by sellis In reply to we use "Logmein "

Rather than LogMeIn Free or Pro, I'd recommend LogMeIn IT Reach for system management as it combines the hosted gateway for easy setup and remote access with the following: monitoring and alerts for preventative maintenance, ability to access systems without disrupting the end user, dashboard view for complete system overview, diagnostic tools for faster problem resolution, ability to access systems that are unattended, and the ability to provide end users with separate remote access accounts from the same software used for remote administration. It's also more affordable than most sys management solutions on the market.

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by jmgarvin In reply to Best Remote Administratio ...

It is secure and you can use it like any other tunnel.

Plus, you can keep all the information secure that you are sending back and forth.

If you want to support servers, might I suggest Webmin?

It is a great all in one browser based admin tool. You can secure it with SSL, so most of your security issues will be mitigated.

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by NDCold1 In reply to Best Remote Administratio ...

I have used Dameware, TightVNC, Remedy and SMS, Dameware is one of my favorites its easy to configure and use for remote logins and if you want you can use it for alot of other things. good luck

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