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Best server for Exchange 2003

By tcrisswell ·
we are desiging an Exchange server for a company, they feel there is a specific server to use for this,y question is what is the best Server to use (they prefer Dell) in this case

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by jschein In reply to Best server for Exchange ...

Dell has the best support / response to any server. It all depends on the amunt of users, the amount of mail you will allow per user storage and future plans.

At a minimum, ensure you have raid 5 with hot swappable drives. This will ensure no complete downtime of the server and will result in no corrupting data unless all drives crash (highly unlikely)

Space ( 200 - 400 gb is usually enough ) size once again depends on personnel.

Speed - dual processor (Virus scan will use some good processor bandwith)

Memory - Gig minimum

Backup drive - DLT's and Ultrium drives are perfect (Fast both for backing up and restoring / + can do incremental backups resulting in savings from purchasing 100 tapes)

A Specific system? There are none specific, with dell, they will build and suggest their best server with your specifications.

Good Luck.

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by bbowling In reply to Best server for Exchange ...

I agree that Dell is your best bet. I have about 150 E-Mail boxes with a limit of 500mb each and I am using a Dual Zeon (866mhz - 1.5MB memory) PowerEdge 4400 server. I have had it for three years with no major problems. Dell has a four hour respone time and the last time I had to use them I received the part in two hours (bad power supply). I would do a RAID 1 for your boot/system and a RAID 5 for your store. I think Microsoft says you should have your log files on a seperate hard drive.

Good luck.

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