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Best software for cleaning, wiping, and registry

By greyowl ·
I am wondering what the safest and most effective software for the following functions:

-cleaning temp files, internet traces, and junk files

-secure delete of files and folders

-registry cleaning


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by santeewelding In reply to Best software for cleanin ...

You are after absolute, not relative efficacy.

In spite of "grey" and "owl", you flub the question.

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Gotta ask.

by OnTheRopes In reply to Eh?

What are you talking about?

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Didn't notice the OP's name. Nevermind. <nt>

by OnTheRopes In reply to Gotta ask.
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What I use...

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Best software for cleanin ...

For removing Temp files and History quickly and cleanly, I use ATF-Cleaner (free):
it even has Firefox selections.
I like it's speed and simplicity.

A popular alternative that has additional capabilities is CCleaner (free):

For simple Registry cleaning, it's Comodo Registry Cleaner (free):
But, when I want to do a thorough job, I use Advanced System Optimizer (shareware) with it's ability to not only remove invalid or unneeded keys but also optimize and defragment the registry.

For securely deleting files, I use Sure-Delete (free):
although, be aware... there is no such thing as completely secure deletion these days.


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Very helpful, thanks

by sue1anne In reply to What I use...

I have a few tools, but you can never have too many options. Thanks for the great list.

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For secure deletion I use Eraser

by OnTheRopes In reply to Best software for cleanin ... _ Good free software. You can add it to Explorer's drop down menu too. Simple to use. What more can you ask for?<br><br>
I have Fix-It Utilities Pro 6 to clean the Registry. I can run virtually any other free tool and FIUP 6 will still find things the others missed. There is likely a more recent version of it but 6 still works for me. If you were to buy FIUP I recommend that you do a custom installation and choose NOT to install their anti-virus software.<br><br>
To cover your tracks easily it is pretty hard to beat CCleaner but if I want to be thorough I run Index.dat Suite to find and delete all of the Index.dat files on my computer. CCleaner doesn't do a very good job there, you ask me.

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Registry Cleans/ optimizers

by j_bailey In reply to For secure deletion I use ...

I use PC Tools Registry Mechanic

For a tupe and optimize program, it's very good and you can get a free license key here:

Another good freeware one is CCleaner. You can download that here:**.html

No registry cleaner is 100% accurate as they use different algorithms to search the registry. that;'s why one will pick up many errors and one will find few errors.


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