Best Software For Web Designing ?

By hussyanna ·
Which is the best software for designing a professional website? Can anyone has any idea about that?

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The best software

by OH Smeg In reply to Best Software For Web Des ...

Is the software you or the Web Designer can use effectively.

Doesn't matter which brand of software it is it all depends on the Web Designers competency and what the Web Site is supposed to show.


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Two fundamental ways to go here...

by dldorrance In reply to Best Software For Web Des ...

1. HTML editor.
2. Content Management System, the most commonly used ones being Drupal, Joomla and Wordpress.

With HTML editors, all content is written in HTML code, line by line and step by step. Free and proprietary HTML editors are available.

With a Content Management System System (CMS) a lot of the coding work is organized into available modules which significantly decrease the amount of coding necessary, thus focussing on the look and feel of the website. The trade off is the need for learning the CMS higher level functions vs writing a long list of HTML commands. The Content Management Systems listed above are all free.

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Reponse To Answer

by robo_dev In reply to Two fundamental ways to g ...

to add to that, some CMS applications such as Concrete 5 (my favorite), or Squiz require NO programming, they allow in-line editing, which means if you can use a word processor, you can build and deploy a web site.

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Xara Wb Designer

by nanakontihene In reply to Best Software For Web Des ...

Try Xara Web Designer. You do not need to HTML.

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A couple I've been experimenting with

are Kompozer, multi-platform, free and open source,
and Microsoft Expression Web, now free. Prior to playing
with these I used either a plain text editor, TAG html editor
or Webford...rather old-school.

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Plone is highly secure open source CMS

by john.dorapalli In reply to Best Software For Web Des ...

By saying "Designing a best website" what do you mean?
If you are looking at the UI designing then I am a no expert.

If you are looking at a real solid Content management system, then Plone is one you have give a serious consideration. There is some learning curve but it is worth it for all the tools you get with it for free. Very high emphasis on security.
Drupal is for quick up and running.

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Concrete 5 CMS

by robo_dev In reply to Best Software For Web Des ...

That's what I use.

There are many open souce CMS platforms, such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and Bitnami-based platforms such as Concrete 5 and Plone.

Personally, I am a huge Concrete 5 fan, and use it for several sites I manage. I run a dev/test site on my VMware infrastructure at home and host the sites using BitRock, which uses AWS.

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Adobe Creative Suite

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to Best Software For Web Des ...

Adobe Creative Suite (Formerly the Macromedia Suite), offers a robust set of tools for web design, flash, graphic design, and a whole lot more that seamlessly works together. It allows for WYSIWYG design as well as code only or a hybrid of code and WYSIWYG. If you need to edit a graphic from the design view, the toolbar allows you to edit using other Creative Suite software and then when done editing it updated the page automatically etc.

If you need to manage the design, layout, dynamics as well as code, Creative Suite pretty much does it all.

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Also, take the time to learn some HTML if you don't already know how

by Slayer_ In reply to Best Software For Web Des ...

All those editors do a good job, but occasionally they just make a mess of things. And you can easily fix them by knowing a bit of HTML.

When I am working on a page in Dreamweaver (I know it's old). I frequently switch to HTML to move things around. Move a cell in a table, apply css to a specific parent element like divs which don't easily show in the WYSIWYG editor.

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Reponse To Answer

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to Also, take the time to le ...

If you are an old DW junkie, like me (I almost cried when I learned Adobe was taking over, I was freaked that they'd replace Fireworks with Photsh*t or something ghastly) try the CS suite from Adobe. DW has come a long way and it writes pretty good code, always has been tidier than most. Nothing like having a good set of Macromedia tools, that STILL look and feel like Macromedia tools. Adobe was smart for once and realized they better keep it as it was. The newer versions have excellent CSS integration now too.

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