Best solution for a Media Center ? (Raspberry PI/Apple TV/Nas/..)

By Pr4w ·
Hey !

I've currently got my own Media Center set up in the lounge, running Windows 7, nVidia 8600GT, decent hard drive, etc... Thing is, it's starting to run slow, and I think it's time I give it a bit of an upgrade.

So the initial idea was just to get better parts, change the cpu, mobo, ram, and potentially graphics card (seem to get some lag on 1080p mkv's, could be cpu bottleneck tho), which summed up to 200-300

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by PurpleSkys In reply to Best solution for a Media ...

I don't know much about raspberry pi....but I would consider maybe just a clean up on your win7 pc and it would likely run nicer after that...maybe add a little more ram,,,

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Well MKV

by Charles Bundy In reply to Best solution for a Media ...

Is just a container framework, so hard to judge performance w/o knowing how the AV content is encoded.

I started with a win 7 media center PC, but eventually went DLNA and client/server using Concevia's Mezzmo. Lots of control over transcoding to various devices like Apple TV, Xbox, Tablet, et-al. My personal favorite player on my network is Sony's SMP-N200 followed closely by Western Digital's TV Live media player.

The only reason I would suggest staying with media center is live TV recording support.

Hope this helps!

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by harmka In reply to Best solution for a Media ...

I had the same problem. I kept the windows-machine as TV recorder and have put in 2 raspberry pi's in near the TV-locations as clients.
Streaming audio/video works fine.
For large movies i misuse my NAS.

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I'm going to suggest getting a new computer instead

by Slayer_ In reply to Best solution for a Media ...

The current generation i3's have enough power to run 1080mkv videos.
Or wait for the new haswell processors that have integrated video more powerful than your 8600.

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