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best solution for AD tree with remote sites

By davide ·
I'm helping an organization restructure their offices. They currently have one Domain controller at the current office and want to add 2 more offices . One office will only have 2 or 3 users and will not require to connect to the domain.
The other office will have it's own DC.
The diffuculty lies in the fact that they don't have a permanent VPN and I'm not sure how to set up the second DC to communicate to the main office. Can I set the replication on a manual schedule?
What problems am I likely to run into?

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Replication traffic

by CG IT In reply to best solution for AD tree ...

you really ought to stick a modem in it and a phone line. Schedule replication traffic for after hours and after prime time phone rate hours. Manual replication isn't at all recommended because one never knows whats changed and when. scheduled replication makes sure DCs have all the changes.

Since DCs are multi-masters I'd do the first replication over a fast link. Then ship the thing to the site [with the appropriate site links configured for the final subnet the site would be on]. the replication will be only that stuff thats changed.

demand dialup service is major slow but if you don't have any other means, then you'll just have to do dialup.

here's a technet link

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how about VPN?

by davide In reply to Replication traffic

Thanks for the responce.
I never intended to do manual replication. I was thinking about scheduling the VPN connection(if possible) and schedule the replication. Do you think something like this is possible?
Is it possible to schedule RAS to initiate a secure connection at a specific time everyday?

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scheduled replication

by CG IT In reply to how about VPN?

absolutely! you can initiate a secure VPN connection from one DC to another DC.

see this TR article : it's on the front page under "get more from TR/ Download" as of 7/27/06

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