best solution for PoE testers? Or PoE+Cable tester?

By bsantee ·
I am looking to purchase a PoE cable tester. What models is everybody using? I would like to get a solid device for testing various ranges of power over ethernet as i have some devices that operate on custom voltages.

I have seen some solutions from byte brothers, one of these being a PoE & cable tester.

What is the best overall, all-in-one solution?

opinions please.

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Edgar Allan was not an Acronym, therefore ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to best solution for PoE tes ...

Let's have a guess...

#1 Power Over Ethernet
#2 POE - the Singer/Songwriter
#3 Point of Existence
#4 Perl Object Environment
#5 POE 2009 - the film directed by Sylvester Stallone
#6 Edgar Allan (as mentioned above)

It has long been my opinion that people talking in acronyms always seem to think it's clever, when in actual fact it's only confusing and inevitably leads to badly informed advice by return.

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ok, you're the runner up .....

by gadgetgirl In reply to Edgar Allan was not an Ac ...

NeilB made me choke with a smart remark in the Obama thread, now you've made me splurt coffee all of the keyboard and monitor with THAT ^^^ up there!

(thanks. Was in need of more giggles, despite it getting messier in here.... :) )

(you, of all people, know I was thinking back years to what was under the bed, too, don't you ? )


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I purposely didn't mention that !! ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to ok, you're the runner up ...

...Far too much of a gentleman to mention the indignities that occur 'In The Heat Of The Night', although, quite what Sidney Poitier would be doing in your bedroom is anyone's guess.

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Some Options

by TheChas In reply to best solution for PoE tes ...

Fluke offers a number of tools that can monitor and trouble-shoot Power over Ethernet.

I have trusted Fluke measurement equipment for over 30 years. If nothing else, they are a good place to look at.


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