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    Best Sound Car For Recording A Digital Piano

    by kbonet99 ·


    Can anyone suggest any good windows laptop, which I can use to record my digital piano music notes. I’ve just read here that I can use my Yamaha PSR-E363 as a MIDI-controller using the USB port that it has.
    So I’m going to use it with the Pianoteq 6 VST plugin and also some recording software. In this case, as far as I understand, the sound will be produced by my computer and not my keyboard.
    So I figured I’ll probably need an upgrade to my old Dell Latitude E6520 to get the best possible sound quality.
    I’m not actually an expert in these kinds of things, but do the sound card matter? Are laptops differ a lot when it comes to sound quality. Do I need to look for specific sound cards?


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      I do not believe there is one

      by oh smeg ·

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      Most Lap Tops have either a AC97 or Realtech Audio Chip Set built onto the M’Board and these are not changeable.

      Both are fairly Crap when you are talking High Fidelity Sound Reproduction but work reasonable well when you are using MP4 type of format which is anything but High Fidelity.

      Back when I worked with the early Computer controlled Sound Boards we use the High End Creative Sound Cards but this was a aftermarket fitting with good leads and gold connections. I believe it is still possible to get those Sound Cards or at least a newer version of them but they are for Desktops not Lap Tops.

      So the best I can suggest is look at the specifications of the different model Lap Tops. The Realtech would probably be the better option but just and the Frequency Response is not going to be great anyway as they were never designed to be High Fidelity just maybe good enough for the MP4 junk that passes nowadays but just.

      I haven’t seen any Creative Sound Chips listed in LT specifications for many years now so I think you’ll find that the Realtech will be the best you can hope for.

      As for as USB to MIDI I would hold my breath too much over that as the MIDI Ports have long gone on LT’s and even then they were all low quality MIDI Ports maybe good enough for low quality sound reproduction that suited a car that had lots of noise in it destroying the sound quality but nothing more.

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