Best/Stable Docks for Ubuntu?

By suspect76 ·
I have being using Ubuntu and Mint Linux for quite some time now. I am now moving towards making my Linux Gui as personal as possible. So I have started messing around with "docks" such as the one that comes with a MAC. So far I have messed with AWN Manager, Cairo Dock and Gnome DO "Docky". By far Cairo Dock is the best in terms of functionality and visual themes. However, it seems to be very, very unstable as when I load the themes everything seems fine until I do a reboot. Once rebooted I see a black background which is very ugly to look at. I have spent hours reading many post on how to fix the problem but no one seem to be able to fix it.

I would like to know if there are other docks out there that are just as good as Cairo Dock or even better that I can use. Please post a list of docks and a link to each if possible. Installation details will be a bonus. Thanks for all the help in advance

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Thin ice :)

by ---TK--- In reply to Best/Stable Docks for Ubu ...

Docks are kind of a pain in the A$$, to be perfectly honest... The best one that I have found is the AWN dock, which you have already messed around with.

In XP/Windows the dock I use to use (very stable) Rocket Dock. It might be interesting to see if it runs under wine... :)

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