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Best Technologies for Website Development?

By hourlydevelopermkt ·
The discussion is all about website development, which includes which technologies are the best for web development, which technologies are popular and why? Moreover, it highlights a different category of technology and website.

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OpenCart is the best technology for Website development.

by jamesbale967 In reply to Best Technologies for Web ...

I used OpenCart to develop my website (link removed by moderator). The interface was self explanatory and effortless. Any novice can develop his website within a day.

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The best open source and free platforms for Website development.

by mollyhopper1 In reply to OpenCart is the best tech ...

Next, I'm not sure if I have to answer your questions stating the newest eCommerce solutions in the market or the solutions built on the latest technologies. However, I strongly believe that technologies matter too and today, although 80 percent of the websites' backend is built on PHP, the recent and futuristic NodeJS technology is seeing a popularity among modern Developers.
So, I would like to answer your question on two lines - first, based on the recent entry into the market and not older ones like OpenCart or Magento that exists for more than last 12 years. And second, based on the technology on which these new entries have been built on. Because, I strongly think that technology that matter a lot.
Now, coming to NodeJS, although as already mentioned, PHP has been popular for over years, NodeJS is now being adored by many Developers because, of its scalability and performance. Using NodeJS, an eCommerce website can be built not only at low cost, but a result of high performing, fast and speedy application can be seen.
Spurtcommere , an opensource eCommerce solution built on NodeJS with Angular for front end, was launched 2 years ago. Now, from past 3 months, we are seeing a tremendous progress of Spurtcommerce in the market. From last three months, they have constantly worked on improving Spurtcommerce and they released their V.2.2 being the current version and now they have already started working on V.2.3. The solution has been developed by an experienced team of Developers, who are experts in NodeJS and in addition, they hold an extensive experience in eCommerce Industry. The team behind Spurtcommerce is constantly striving towards improving Spurtcommerce,So you can use the latest technology for your website development.
Spurtcommerce is an open source eCommerce platform, built on NodeJS and Angular. You may download their eCommerce platform for free and that comes with complete source code. You can tweak the solution for your requirement. (Link removed by moderator). There is a Community that support Spurtcommerce .

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Best technologies for website development

by wenso.services In reply to Best Technologies for Web ...

1. PHP
2. DotNet
3. Wordpress..etc are the best technologies to develop secured and responsive websites...

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Here your answer

by codyhay In reply to Best Technologies for Web ...

There are a lot of CMS available in the market that can cater to your needs. You can select any of them as per your budget & programming requirements.

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Best technology for website development in 2019

by jasicajames28 In reply to Best Technologies for Web ...

Website development is a very vast topic. It is full of innovation, ideas & includes the latest trends & technology which a good developer must keep in mind while developing. Here are a few latest trends of 2019 in the field of Website Development.
1. Single Page Application
2. Progressive Web Application
3. Chatbots
4. Low Code Development
5. Motion UI
6. Blockchain

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Best Web Development Technologies

by ashutosh1aptron In reply to Best Technologies for Web ...

Depends on your website development requirements. Whether you want your website designed in CMS, PHP, HTML5, Java, Angular Js, Laravel, Ruby on Rails, Wordpress, etc.
You should learn more technologies:

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The complete web development roadmap is here

by pawansd21 In reply to Best Technologies for Web ...

Well, there are many frameworks & Languages for back end development -
1. PHP - Most used language for back end development till date. But it is very basic in nature and one should start with PHP for back end development. Because it is very old many free hosting platforms are available.
2. Laravel - A framework based on PHP , which is very user friendly. Laravel also is losing its popularity because of some advanced frameworks coming into corporate.
3. .NET - Very old & vanished backend development framework while its release it wasn't open source.
4. Python (web.py) - When python came into market one of its module was developed for backend & web development. It is not used very frequently in the market.
5. Django - A most popular framework for backend development using python recently version 2.0 was launched which made very easy for developer to gets hands-on with it.
6. Flask - One of the emerging python framework for backend development. Slowly people are learning about it.
7. Ruby on Rails - Most widely used nowadays and gaining demand exponentially. This framework is getting very popular fastly. This is most in demand skill in the tech market. I would suggest using this for backend development.
8. NodeJS - This is also getting very popular and this could be your second option for back end development.

Note - If you are new into this field please start learning a framework , because framework rely on MVC architecture which helps developing secure application.

(link removed by moderator)

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Best Technologies for Website Development?

by pr1560434162 In reply to Best Technologies for Web ...

We have lots of web development technologies because web development is a very vast field but some technologies that I use is
JavaScript...etc many more

(link removed by moderator)

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Elements Design Studio

by seo1559715331 In reply to Best Technologies for Web ...

So far, the best technology for web development is a computer. Isn't it?

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Best Technology for Website Development

by Niketa_Sharma In reply to Best Technologies for Web ...

There are various technologies used to develop a website
Ruby and Rails
Angular Js
Cake PHP

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