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BEST thing I've neard in many years (Caution: Political content)

By mjd420nova ·
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A US Representative suggested that the elected Senate and House return to their constituents and voters before Christmas and LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE and what they NEED before deciding HOW the government should run the health care system or just sibsidize it. Do what you should have been doing all along and quit the political bickering and step up to the plate and DO YOUR JOBS for those who elected you. That's what is keeping our economy from returning to a balanced budget, well and the bank bailouts didn't help anyone. Rant over.

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Didn't they already do that?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to BEST thing I've neard in ...

Isn't what all those 'town hall' meetings this summer were for, so they could listen to their constituents?

I agree they need to drop the partisan bickering but if they didn't listen earlier, what's to gain by giving them an excuse to stall even longer? This type of legislation has been under debate since the first Clinton administration, if not before. Haven't we had a long enough period of (not) listening to the people?

I've got a better idea than waiting until after Christmas: DON'T GO HOME AT ALL UNTIL YOU FINISH THE DAMN JOB WE'RE PAYING YOU TO DO. I don't care what the results are any more, just take some kind of action. Time to stop cutting bait and start fishing, and don't stop until you've put dinner on the table.

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Do you agree with the payoffs to get votes?

by jdclyde In reply to Didn't they already do th ...

Should there be back room deals that payoff "holdouts" to get the votes?

Is it really valid that a single state should be exempt from State contributions for proposed Medicade increases, when all the rest are not?

Even in the same party, it is all politics and corrupt payoffs to move this from a bi-partisan effort to stop the legislation to a partisan effort to rush it through.

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No, I don't

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Do you agree with the pay ...

But that doesn't make this legislation different from any other. Why choose this legislation as the one where the buck suddenly stops? Look at any defense bill; they're always porked up with hardware the DoD insists it doesn't want but keeps constituents employed.

A 'line item' veto is the only solution to that problem, but Congress is too obsessed with preserving its own power to pass a version the Supremes won't find violates the separation of powers. ****, we have a line item veto here in SC and the legislation still overrides 90% of the vetoes, so even that may not work.

Regardless, taking more time off won't strip the fat out of the bill. Indeed, it will give them opportunities to stuff in even more lard.

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Culture of Corruption

by jdclyde In reply to No, I don't

I thought Mr Hope N' Change was suppose to end that, instead of leading the way, full speed ahead?

There is an interesting quote from him in 07, claiming that the reason the Clinton Health Insurance efforts failed was because they did it in secret backroom deals, instead of in the open, with every meeting on CSPAN.

Just more empty talk, business as usual.

Why should we start now? How about the price tag on this?

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points to make

by jck In reply to Culture of Corruption

a) Obama controls Congress about as much as Bush did. You forgave President "Noo-Kyoo-Lurr" Bush and a Republican congress for sending people to the Middle East to die over oil money for years. At least Hope N' Change is trying to change things for the better.

b) Read the NY Times. They document what backdoor deals have been made. And oh, btw. Utah and Wyoming (both states have 2 Republican senators) are getting millions in kickbacks. Don't think that was a "backroom" deal?

You need to write your senators too. Seems they got a big juicy package for Michigan.

Maybe chastising the naughty kids in the school who misbehave rather than the class president for their actions is the right thing to do?

Of course, I have to say this: Obama better get a better strategy than what Axelrod said it is in DC. Otherwise, he's gonna be a better-educated, better-articulating, younger version of Bush in the end.

Oh, and one other thing.

Obama has pushed for $871B in 10 years on medical reform that will save $100Bs.

Bush pushed for $750B on corporate bailouts that are never guaranteed to be repaid, and if they are return no interest.

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The ONLY real solution

by jdclyde In reply to BEST thing I've neard in ...

is when our Representatives are no longer allowed to exempt themselves from the programs they pass down to the masses, then and only then, will we see real improvements to any of the government programs, regardless of the letter behind the name of the person that proposes the change.

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We disagree.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to The ONLY real solution

You have a great idea, and it should be a requirement, but it isn't the real solution.

The REAL solution is to ban campaign contributions from any entity not registered to vote in the candidate's district.

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Another thing they should be prohibited from

by jck In reply to We disagree.

Members of Congress should not be allowed to hold jobs with:

- any organization
- parent of an organization
- child of an organization
- any organization in which said organization has any holding/investment in

If the primary organization has, during their tenure, donated monies or other form of compensation, to their campaign or to any group or organization which gives or handles contributory stakes for the congressperson or their party from the time the congressperson first runs for office until they leave office.

That keeps them from taking that "cush job" when they get out of Congress for 6-7 figures a year for being a "good friend to the cause".

You have to stop the money letting all together. Otherwise, you would have that.

Or, they would just all run on campaigns funded by front companies established in their district.

Happens all the time with LLCs here in Florida.

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to Another thing they should ...

"If the primary organization has, during their tenure, donated monies or other form of compensation, to their campaign..."

'Organizations' cannot register to vote. If an entity cannot registered to vote in the candidate's district, it should not be allowed to make campaign contributions. No businesses, no lobbies, no non-profits, no unions, no PACs, no one living in another district. If you aren't registered to vote in a district, you cannot donate money to those seeking to represent it.

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The way around it

by jck In reply to Unnecessary.

"Or, they would just all run on campaigns funded by front companies established in their district."

Got a neighboring district sewn up for your party?

Hire people from outside the stuff envelopes.

Rent them housing in your district for $100 a month.

They can establish residency there, even though they may not live there.

Another way to get around it: college kids. Their permanent residence is not in your district, but since they are "full-time" residents at the university they attend they can switch to vote in that district.

There are a LOT of ways you can get around things.

****, they had hundreds of dead people voting for George Bush in West Palm county down here in 2000. That got overlooked because of their crappy punchcard voting system.

You never know what lengths SIGs and PACs will go to for their "friend of the cause" in politics.

BTW...I am totally against a union or any other representative organization in the workplace taking bulk contributions from employees and allocating it either one way or the other. I've seen that all too often, and I think it unfair.

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