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    Best Use for a 1Ghz Windows Server


    by vwsportruck ·

    Hi All,

    My supervisor has tasked my team to come up with a viable use for a P3 1Ghz Compaq server that came our way for some strange reason. He is looking for serious answers, so my suggestion of making it look like a diesel locomotive hauling our lot of old DeskPro’s behind it as a rolling disk array was amusing to him, but not what he was looking for. Can anyone think of a practical use for a server of this vintage?



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      by vwsportruck ·

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      A firewall?.

      by Anonymous ·

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      Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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      Still has a lot of potential

      by ic-it ·

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      Depending on the storage and memory installed, it could still be a good file and print server. A good WSUS machine. A firewall and/or router. A DC.
      A training server to improve IT knowledge.
      Actually damn near any role.

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      Depends entirely on what you do

      by oh smeg ·

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      I use a lot of Dual 1 GIG P3 as servers as they work well and are cheap to look after.

      As to what it can be used for depends entirely on what it is you actually do there. You could load one of the Linux Distro’s and use it for virtually anything depending on how it’s currently configured.

      If it has a small amount of RAM a Gateway Device running Snap Linux with Trustier would be ideal and secure your systems quite effectively at very little cost.

      A Training machine for Service or Admin Staff, A Test machine for M$ Service Packs and Patches. The list is endless and depends only on what is required or what would be liked to have.

      If this has a great M’Board in it properly configured it will run very well and be fast. Of course if it has a junk M’Board all the Memory in the world will not help it one little bit. :0


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