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Best versus worst Linux distro

By SWLChris ·
I have replied to a few discussions, so now I will create one myself.
I would like the opinions of those familiar with Linux to rate their experience with various distributions. It could be the best or the worst.
If the best how come? Was it ease of install? Maintenence of the os? Included programs?
If it was the worst what happened to make that decision ? I'm interested in whatever might be said.
By the way , running a quad-os system here, so would be neat to see which distros you have tried that I haven't. I'm always up for checking out something new.

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tough to call it

by Jaqui In reply to Best versus worst Linux d ...

For ease of install with good hardware support, Xandros, Mandriva, Vector.*

For ease of use, with respect to customising the configuration, getting servers running etc, Mandriva, Debian.

For software options during / after install Debian Mandriva, RH Fedora core.

For adherence to the Linux Standards Base,
Slakware, Debian, Linux From Scratch, Gentoo.

Generally, I find single cd distros to be seriously lacking, or else completely screwed in their functionality.
[ Ubuntu, Kubuntu both required removing primary hard drive, as if there is any partitions on a second drive they can't ignore the drive to install onto the other one. Both have a seriously flawed security model that actually breaks the benefits of a multiuser operating system. ]

I have had no pleasant experience with Red Hat's products, as they have always been a real b*$ch to get to install, then they don't pay attention to config options made during install.

I doubt you will find anyone that has tested every single distro, I've quite likely tested more distros than most have. [ at a dozen ]

* Vector has issues with post install configuration, last version I checked. It's almost time to check as new version is due out soon.

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No good RedHat?

by SWLChris In reply to tough to call it

I'm sort of surprised by the comments about RedHat. I never really had a problem installing the older versions up until they came out with the Fedora Core. That's when I started having problems with it losing my modem or my NIC when booting up. I hated kudzu yet had to use it to enforce the hardware configuration.
Vector I had issues with it constantly setting the onboard video instead of the NVidia pci card which was installed..and the agp video was disabled in the bios at the time too , which I thought was odd.
At the moment my distro on here is Slackware 10.2 with both 2.4 and 2.6 kernels.
Thanks for your observations, I'll have to look at Gentoo now hehehehhe

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by lefty.crupps In reply to No good RedHat?

ZenOS looked like it was what I wanted in a base OS to start my own distro. Low system requirements, low number of pre-installed software, and "great hardware detection."

Maan was I off.

The liveCD took FOREVER to load on any machine that I used it on, so much so that the rest of the experiment was useless. I wanted something quick and small, and this was not it. This was about 6 months ago, so much may have changed with this OS, but at the time I was not interested in using it.

Mandrake just seemed to kid-like and I couldn't find any system settings GUI app. The default installed programs are boring, and I had no idea where to start with this one on changing that. So i just gave up in few days.

DSL is probably the most amazing, just for its size, speed, and usefulness. Its great for laptops, but I wish that it was a bit more modern so that I could install e17.

Elive 0.4_pre is pretty sweet. Loads pretty fast, looks great, and has a decent number of useful programs, with Debian to fill it out more as needed. Install on this takes hours though...

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I detailed in a blog entry here on TR

by Jaqui In reply to No good RedHat?
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by noyoki In reply to No good RedHat?

I think is basically RedHat, just without the label... Granted, it was an older system, but I had no issues with install and no issues with setup...

(However, now I don't have the time to actually play with it so, yeah...)

My home computer, the first distro I put on it was kUbuntu (Breezy Badger). Unfortunately, even with their "Multi-verse" setting as "advanced", they still don't have everything I'd like to see in their whatever-it's-called. (The online db thing that it hits when you apt-get a file to install.) I've been told it is because they do not allow (in the base package) any software that isn't opensource. I also have been trying to set up Cedega for ages and it just won't load my video and sound cards right. (Nvidia FX 5500 I think the video card was, K8V SE Deluxe motherboard, AC?97 onboard sound)

I "documented" some of my problems here: - if ANYONE can help, please let me know!!

Otherwise, I'll be looking at another distro, suggestions welcome!

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I have to agree

by HiwayPilot In reply to tough to call it

I have far more problems with Red Hat and it's clones than most other distributions. For server, plain old debian is the easiest to deal with and maintain over the long haul.

Flavor of month distributions are fine for beginners to use as a desktop to get their feet wet but the old stable distibutions such as debian and slackware are still the workhorses of the server world.

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not just server

by apotheon In reply to I have to agree

Debian is my favorite distro for desktops, too ? and even for newbie full-desktop kitchen sink installs (like I do not use myself), I think one of the best is the Debian-type install of Knoppix.

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I thought I was alone with RH Problems

by Too Old For IT In reply to tough to call it

In my inability to get Red Hat to reliably load w/o serious quantities of antacids.

I rather like Mandrake, and that reminds me that I have to write a letter to the editor of a trade rag, wherein a columnist called for a Linux-based app suite that Mandrake/Mandrivia have been providing for years.

IMHO, tho for webserver use you can't beat the Nuonce distro of CentOS/BlueQuartz for ease of setup and operation.

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Isn't CentOS a RH clone?

by jmgarvin In reply to I thought I was alone wit ...

Or is it another distro I'm thinking of?

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you're right

by apotheon In reply to Isn't CentOS a RH clone?

CentOS is a Red Hat clone.

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