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Hi All,this is an age old question but if anyone could give me some adive I'd be greatful. Looking to setup a VPN (not permanent) but to support maybe 3-4 users dialing in periodically for file\data sync , file access. Fast speeds are important - Just wondering what people out there are using "device wise" for this job. Netgear\Linksys\Cisco?. It would be handy if it worked as a small switch\wireless router also but not essential. any help appreciated?. Thank you

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Nobody ever got fired for buying Cisco

by robo_dev In reply to Best VPN device

You get what you pay for. Cheaper devices tend to have buggier software and slower processors.

If your budget cannot afford Cisco, then look at Zyxel, Barracuda, WatchGuard, SonicWall, or Vyatta.

My favorite Cisco is the ASA series that has a very good client-less SSL VPN. This allows the end user to connect without the bother of a VPN client application, as they can just use their web browser.

I believe that Netgear offers a client-less VPN, not sure about Linksys.

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SMB Cisco [formally Linksys SMB] routers have SSL

by CG IT In reply to Nobody ever got fired for ...

and use the Cisco VPN client... sometimes a pain but....

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Two other "non-Cisco" options...

by rmerchberger In reply to Best VPN device

The first thing to consider would be if you use any auto-routing protocols -- if you use EIGRP instead of OSPF or BGP, that's a Cisco-proprietary protocol and you should stick with Cisco equipment.

Two other options:

The Netscreen 5GTs (the smallest units) aren't very expensive and have many options including wireless (I believe - I've never used a wireless unit) and built-in ADSL. The VPNs are quite stable, the company I work for have several installed in outlying areas doing what you wish to accomplish.

Another option would be some of the Mikrotik router hardware. The nice thing about this option is the hardware is very good, and extremely configurable. Depending on the board options you choose, you can add wireless cards, multiple gigabit ethernet ports, outdoor cases... the hardware is as close to "bulletproof" as you can get outside of Cisco, but much less expensive. I have wireless routers that are 8 years old still doing their job. Remote access options are top notch.

There is a downside, though. They have their own command system, and configuration is a learning experience. Once you learn to speak Mikrotik, it's very nice, but there is a bit of a learning curve, much steeper than the Netscreen units, about the same as Cisco, but if you already speak Cisco... ;-) However, I have never used the VPN options on the Mikrotik units - I know the OS will do it, but I don't have any knowledge / experience on that area of operation. I've used the units as standard Level 3 IP routers (wired and wireless) and as hotspots.

Hope this helps!
Roger "Merch" Merchberger

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VPN Service

by variek In reply to Best VPN device

you have to pay for getting vpn for enhanced features like go and check provider at

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Choosing the best VPN provider

by mfalaura In reply to Best VPN device

Also, you can compare VPN providers on
You will have access to special deals, and lots of offers...I found this comparison engine, when i tried to bypass my country restriction to use facebook...

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Zombie SPAM

by robo_dev In reply to Best VPN device

VPN providers are not the same as a VPN device.

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