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I am about to implement a VPN solution for my company and I do not want to make mistake on this. I want someone to advise me on whether to use the Software VPN solution or the Hardware type?

Also, I am trying to connect 6 remote location to the Head office via this VPN. these remote location will have a maximum of 5 users while the Head office have 65 users. What bandwidth size would be advisable.

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I would recommend a hardware VPN for this and all professional network infrastructures that rely on VPNs. If cost is an issue, check out SonicWALL or WatchGuard - they both make products that I have used and they function well when configured properly. The main unit that would connect the other sites in a hub/spoke configuration would be the most powerful, purchase accordingly.

Since the provided network requirements, such as software and data transfering is vague, I'll recommend the standard. For the remote sites, I would recommend 1.5mbit/sec+ symmetrical bandwidth, this can be acquired through SDSL, Cable, Fiber and of course T1s.

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Beware no thumbs for these kinds of posts

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if you look at most of these kinds of posts, there might be 20 of use that give suggestions but the poster doesn't come back to give thumbs or even for comments...

my opinion is just ignor them

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