Best way of sharing information (S\W development)?

By calisto_ac ·
We have various software development projects lead by different technical leads, what is the best way for these leads to share the functionality of their systems with each other - thus not developing the same functionality twice in different software projects?

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Re: sharing information

by christianshiflet In reply to Best way of sharing infor ...

The best way I have found to do this is to make systems, applications, or module documentation available online (typically on an intranet of some sort) and able to be easily searched. For new functionality, you would want to include requirements documentation so project teams have access to functionality that is going to be built, as well.

I have tried a number of more static documentation approaches but have found the update process to be too slow. Currently I use a wiki (using PhP Wiki - simple and quick setup, easy customization) to host all system documentation. This allows quick document additions as well as modifications. It also provides a built in search function.

I hope this helps. It may not work for everyone but I have had good luck with it.

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phpwiki in windows

by alashhar In reply to Re: sharing information

it looks a good tool, can we installed in windows OS environment, specially with IIS? if so can you show us how by giving us a reference.

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Ree: php wiki on Windows

by christianshiflet In reply to phpwiki in windows

First you need to get PHP running on your Windows/IIS machine. Documentation on that can be found here ( I suggest installing PHP manually without the installer so you better understand how it works so you can adapt it more readily to your needs. Also check out this site ( which discusses setting up fast-cgi.

Once PHP is running, download and extract phpwiki to the location you want the site to run from and modify the admin.php and lib\config.php (you will need a PHP editor/development environment to do this). I suggest starting out with using flatfiles to start if you don't have a database set up. Also read through the phpwiki_install.txt and readme files within the phpwiki download for additional information.

I hope that helps or guides you in the right direction. Let me know if you have further questions.

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thank you

by alashhar In reply to Ree: php wiki on Windows

thank you for answering, i will try it ASAP,

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