Best way to break into the IT job market.

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There is a very long story behind this but after several years playing games on computers and trying to get them to work, I learned to love the computer and want to work in that general field. I know how that sounds but my question is for all you out there that have been doing it for a while, what would help me get into an entry level position. Im 31 with twin boys so I need to start where the most money is. Would an assoc degree be better than a certificate of prof, or get microsof certified? Im not looking for a coach or anything just wondering what people have to say. I know more than most on computers I just dont know the termonology and really the basics. I know about what i've had to deal with in order to keep my computer running properly and getting things to work. Im the one out of my circle that helps everyone with their computers. I just cant explain it. If there are any interest Ill expand. Thank you in advance.
St. Louis, Mo.

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Right place

by santeewelding In reply to Best way to break into th ...

Including a member with twin boys.

Can't testify to his love, or, antipathy, for this stuff, though.


It's a love/hate relationship. Whereas, before I was asking (still am), now I get asked. Paid big bucks for certifiable training, only to find I learned what more there is yet to know.

Ain't no end to it.

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In an environment

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Best way to break into th ...

that prefers paper to experience, get both. In 'reality', paper's not good for much but wiping your butt.

As money is likely tight, why not start with St. Louis Community College at Forest Park? It has an excellent Information Systems department. It also offers Cisco Cert courses, partners with Microsoft offering OS and Office Suite certs. And classes in MS Office Suite that follow cert guidelines. Internships, many that pay, are available. Don't leave out UNIX.

StLCC at Forest Park also has decent work offerings for students who excel. For example, the Supplemental Instruction Program pays well (including a set amount of tuition per semester), but for only 10 hours/week. The Information Systems department there also employs students via the Work/Study program.

Take introductory classes in everything computer related to help you determine which area of IT you want into. You can usually arrange with an instructor to 'test out' of a prerequisite class.

You'll find that many of the core IT degree requirements overlap. You can go an easy 6 semesters before you have to choose which area to specialize in.

Many, many classes from StLCC transfer to St. Louis University, University of Missouri, Washington University.

Tuition can't be beat considering the credit transfer options, Cert options, and that you can get a variety of up-to-date software at excellent price via the College bookstore.

I do mean the Forest Park campus. Its focus is IS/IT.

Peer me and I'll direct you.


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