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    Best way to create self contained instances for different sets of users


    by Naboolio ·


    The app we are designing is intended for Organisers to be able to completely customise their “Instance” of the app from a webpage. Within the set parameters, they can configure or enable/disable entire modules of functionality, as well as aspects of the UI. They would populate a database unique to their instance that fits their overall configuration of the app.
    Users would then be able to subscribe to the instance created by the Organiser, and interact solely with that instance.

    We would need to have a potentially infinite number of these Organiser created instances, where each has a unique configuration of the modules in the app and its own data storage. Users and Organisers should not be able to interact with any instance they are not signed up to in any way.

    My question is, what would the best way to implement this be? Do any cloud service providers offer this functionality?

    Please let me know if there are any suggestions for other forums that would be more appropriate for this question.


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