Best way to disable automatic Global Address List update in Outlook 2010?

By RockerGeek! ·
I work for a tech support group on my campus (IUPUI, Indianapolis) and recently was charged w/the 'job' of updating our outlook contacts list. A feat which has not been done for about 3 years!

I learned the hard way that Outlook 2010 is set to automatically update from the global address list. And that list is set to change most of what I had change?namely the address format (ex: Building: Business, Office: BS123, Campus: IUPUI gets changed to BS123, BUS, IN). And by ?hard way? I mean *after* updating 11 current folders, adding 6 more folders, and adding/fixing close to 600 contacts.

What we want now is a way to disable this automatic update. Microsoft has a way to do it by a group policy change. My boss, and our colleagues who make changes to the group policies and such, do not want to make a group policy change. (idk why?just make the change for the whole IT group and we?ll be happy!) So I set about a merry hunt for a way to, within outlook itself (or any other way), tell it to NOT update through the GAL. Alas, I?ve been unsuccessful.

At first I thought that, perhaps, going to the "view" tab, then people pane> accn't settings> settings> and selecting prompt before updating or never, would fix the issue... but it hasn't. My guess is that since the People Pane links you to social networking, that those updates apply to those contacts?

Any help is GREATLY appreciated!!

-Sarah, aka RockerGeek!

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