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    Best way to get a good IT Job/Life


    by dr_ice_4eva ·

    I finished a 2 year diploma in IT Network eng. and I just got a job as Helpdesk CSR for ADSL internet(I have been working there for 3 months now). I hate this job but im only doing it for the pay and the exprience because every one wants exprience.

    My question is what is the best way to work my way up to some where like IBM as a network admin or any thing to do with IT networks.

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      Some advice

      by obiwaynekenobi ·

      In reply to Best way to get a good IT Job/Life

      I’m in a similar situation.. currently working helpdesk for a small company (although I get to do server administration/database administration/web design and other stuff b/c we’re a small outfit).

      My advice is to work on getting your certifications/further your education if possible, and get that all-important experience. That’s what I’m currently doing and I get my MCSA/E I’m going to start suggesting that I can take over my company’s network and become their admin.

      Good luck!

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      by jdmercha ·

      In reply to Best way to get a good IT Job/Life

      ake a look at the IBM web site. They have tons of job openings. Take note of what they are looking for, and go get it.

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      Nothing substitutes experience….

      by uofm ·

      In reply to Best way to get a good IT Job/Life

      So you are partly on the right track. However, to advance, you need to show that you have the qualifications.. and to get that you’ll need the opportunity – see the catch 22 there?

      So start taking a look around where you work… who does that things that you want to learn? Just go ask them to show you some stuff.. or simply get advice. You never know where that can lead you. In addition, there are plenty of books you can read. Certifications/classes are great – but use them to better your knowledge (i.e actually LEARN the stuff) as opposed to a key to a new job.

      you’ve only been where you are for 3 months… most folks take that lone to get used to the job itself. If you do it well… folks will notice, you do it well AND take intereste in other stuff.. folks will really notice.

      good luck.

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