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    Best way to go from a CNE to MCSE in today’s competitive IT market


    by why me worry? ·

    Being that many companies are dumping their Novell Netware/NDS systems for Windows Active Directory and Exchange, how does someone with a CNE certification and advanced knowledge and experience in Novell products make the switch to becoming experienced and proficient in Windows and Active Directory? This is my dilemma, as the last job I held down had me doing all Novell/NDS administration and little to no Windows and AD administration. I wanted to train for Windows and AD, but my job kept me so busy with Novell stuff that I simply did not have the time for anything else. In a way, they were impeding me from getting the Windows experience I needed and now have phased out my position and left me unemployed and desparately seeking a new job. Unfortunately, from what IT recruiters tell me, there isn’t much out there for Novell CNEs’in terms of jobs unless one is willing to relocate to God knows where or work for public sector/gov’t jobs for a peasly salary that will barely sustain oneself. Having stated all of this, what would be the best way for someone with a CNE to shift gears as a Windows Admin? Honestly, I am starting to feel like them old mainframe/Cobol programmers who were all let go right after Y2K because they became obsolete.

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      It is a shame…

      by mountytech ·

      In reply to Best way to go from a CNE to MCSE in today’s competitive IT market

      It is a shame that Novell did not market themselves better. They had a very stable operating system.

      The books for the MCSE training come with a 180 day evaluation copy of windows server 2003. Go buy the ?70-290 Managing and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Environment? book and install the eval at home. Then as you go through the book you can practice. You may also want to consider classroom training from an organization like new horizons or global knowledge. Beware though this training is normally expensive and fairly quick (one week). After you take the first test you will receive your MCP. With you Novell experience and MCP you should be able to find a job.

      You may also want to consider certification with Linux. Novell is becoming a big player in the Linux market.

      If you are considering relocating, Novell used to be very popular in the Pittsburgh area.

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      Best way to go from a CNE to MCSE 9You should have been paying attention ..

      by dave shaw ·

      In reply to Best way to go from a CNE to MCSE in today’s competitive IT market

      I can’t believe any CNE could not see the handwriting on the wall … I checked out of the Novell world back around NetWare 4 days and have never looked back except to do the odd migration. I’d have thought it was obvious. Novell had been terrible at supporting CNEs and their education program.

      For over 10 years I watched as a long line of Novell people streamed into my classroom, lamenting the demise of a “better” OS, Directory, etc. My response? It doesn’t matter. Microsoft, Novell, IBM, Dell, and all the other vendors don’t give a tinker’s damn (like that? ) about you or your family. It’s *your* responsibility to watch the market and determine where things are going. I have news for you … Over the last few years, it HASN’T been going NetWare.

      Solution? You know some good things about Networks. You know a *few* things about directories (but if you thought NDS was *the* directory, you have some re-learning to do).

      Get or build some new systems, build some virtual machines, and load up the software and start studying. Microsoft has some *excellent* self-study courses – get crackin’ … and dont’ let it happen again!

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