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Best way to setup a VPN

By chrisxs5 ·
I need to connect a vpn. I Need to know how.

I have a Windows 2K Server and a Linksys BEFSX41 Wired Router with VPN Endpoint. The computer I need to connect is my house computer with Windows XP Pro.

The router is setup with a static IP and is the DHCP server. It has 2 availble tunnels.

The server is windows 2000 server with SP4. It has an assigned IP address.

The house computer is WinXP Pro and has a cable modem attached(cable line to modem to network card). No router and no software available and this end.

I know the IP address for both ends.

My goal is to be able to allow other employess the same access with complete network functionality.

I have been working at this for 3 weeks and about to go crazy. I know step by step instructions are alot to ask for, but if you can I would appreciate it.

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Try OpenVPN

by PowerIT In reply to Best way to setup a VPN

Sorry to hear you are nearly going crazy, but here is my two pence worth.

I have just implemented a VPN tunnel from my work machine (behind a NAT firewall) and my home machine (also NAT firewall). I have used a free open source product called openVPN, which you can get from here:

I personally would use the GUI front end for openVPN, which is available from: (openVPN is bundled with it).

Just choose the relevant link from the download page and run the install as per instructions. I simply set this up on both computers, set up port forwarding on my home router for port 1394 and ensured the windows firewall new about it as well. Then I just copied the sample .opvn files accross to my config folder and edited them accordingly. If you follow your nose you should get there.

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by jeffrey In reply to Try OpenVPN

Hi Sir I dont know if my question is stupid or what I just want to ask you if I need a Open VPN software If already purchase a Linksys VPN router BEFSX41 I just want the other branch of our office to be connected at our main using the linksys router enough or do I need to install some software for my VPN to work sir kindly e-mail me at thank you so much

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Have you looked at Hamachi?

by tcon999 In reply to Best way to setup a VPN

I'm just starting to look at Hamachi, but I can say I have set up the first leg through a BEFSX41. Steve Gibson seems to think highly of it. Check it out at

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Hamachi is great

by chrisxs5 In reply to Have you looked at Hamach ...

I can see why he thinks highly of it. The program was exactly what I needed. The software is very easy to use. Thank you for the help!

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What if there is no computer on the other side?

by jarmburg In reply to Hamachi is great

I am trying to get my D-Link VPN router (DIR-130) working as an endpoint. The thing is that I am only trying use it to enable me to access a network printer through the VPN.
Here's what I am looking for:
My PC->My router/firewall->internet->VPN Router->network printer.
Any thoughts?

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