Best way to share files between to xp pro PCs across the internet

By scottpoliseno ·
I have 1 PC with XP pro at home with a USB harddrive. The partitions on this harddrive are shared with other computers on my home network. This computer is behind a Verizon FIOS modem/router which is connected to the internet (non static IP I believe).

I have an office where I have another PC with XP pro that connects to the internet via a wireless router daisy chained to a router that connects to the wall for charter biz internet service with a static IP.

I want the computer in the office to be able to access the usb harddrive on the pc at home.

Can I do this?



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possibly, with hassle

by Absolutely In reply to Best way to share files b ...

You can install IIS & setup an FTP server
in XP Pro, sure. For your dynamic IP
address, you can just leave the computer
on, to encourage the lease on "your" IP to
be renewed not dropped. That seems to cause
it to change rarely with broadband ISP's
anyway. For the case when it does change,
you could create an email autoreply so that
you can find the originating IP when you
need it. As long as you leave your email
client on and the autoreply is active, that
should work. My guess, btw, is that the
nuisance will motivate you to buy your own
domain name within a couple weeks.

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by jdclyde In reply to possibly, with hassle

Dynamic DNS will keep rerouting your FTP request to a specific IP address.

Of course, I hope there is a firewall that is set to only allow IN from certain IP addresses, such as the IP address of your work?

One way to find out what your real world IP address is, is go to this site.

Or just do it the RIGHT way, and either bring your USB drive with you, or get a flash drive. once you see how slow it is to ftp down the files as needed, it is so much easier to just have them on a key chain.

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Maybe a different solution

by scottpoliseno In reply to DDNS

The issue here is we need to share the files at both locations at the same time.

1. Is there a online file hosting service that I should use?

2. Should I set up a server at my office and run win server 2003, attached the harddrive to it and then allow vpn access to it from home?


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