Best way to VLAN a 3Com NBX V3000

By apdmc6008 ·
I am planning on VLAN-ing out our network in the near future, however a seemingly wrench in the works is our 3Com NBX V3000 phone system and the fact we have remote sites connected by partial T1. Some sites have their own DHCP server, and some do not. Each remote site has its own subnet. In all remote locations the phones are given static addresses before they leave the main office.

Ideally, we'd like to be able to just PnP the phones out there, and I understand I can configure a separate VLAN, and with Option 184 in the DHCP server I can tell the phones where to look for the NBX. I can also use Opt 184 to designate the VLAN ID for the phone system.

We're mostly switched with Linksys/Cisco SGE2000P switches, with a Cisco 2600 Router at the main office talking via the T1s to the Cisco 1700s at the remote locations. Looking further out, once the whole network is separated into VLANs we'd like to have the DHCP server at the main office give DHCP to all the remote VLANs.

There is a TON of information about configuring Cisco equipment for VLANs but not so much for a 3Com phone system and other switched networks.

Any pointers to information that will help clarify everything, or a suggestion that will point us in the direction of the best way will be most appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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