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Best ways to secure your connection

By PacketInspectorGeneral ·
With all this talk of privacy and security breaches, what do you think is the best way to keep your data safe from snoopers and hackers?

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OH that's easy

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Best ways to secure your ...

Don't have a Internet connection and you'll remain relatively safe.


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Best ways to secure your connection

by maxistress In reply to Best ways to secure your ...

Make sure to use a vpn service that is really secure, or even use multiple vpns, cause anyone can go to the company and ask for the logs and provide your ip address, do not use the free ones cause they dont really hide you. You should constantly change locations..etc from city to city. Much safer

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Install vpn service

by ericschweizer In reply to Best ways to secure your ...

It would be best secure connection.

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Install firewall

by donaldreynolds In reply to Best ways to secure your ...

Or you may also install internet security set.

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Multiple machines

by mjd420nova In reply to Best ways to secure your ...

I have one machine that all in the family use for buying, selling, banking, etc. It uses the Norton Suite, ZoneAlarm and is wired to a wired router ahead of the WIFI router. Each week it gets a MalWare scan, Norton scan and all are upgraded beforehand. The credit cards used on that machine are all AmerX. and are for just that purpose. Each user has their own desktop/laptop but refrain doing any transactions on them, only the protected unit.

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secure your connection via these methods

by monika399 In reply to Best ways to secure your ...

Wireless Network provides you to use internet on computer, mobile phones and other wireless devices anywhere without use of wire but within the range. There is big problem when someone steals your connection to use internet. Therefore, you want to secure your connection to overcome this issue. Here, we discuss some steps that help you to secure you connection

1. Open you router setting page: First you know how to access wireless router settings. To do this type “” in web browser, then enter Username and password for the router. As username/ password is different for each router, so check it in router’s user manual. In case you lost your manual, use Google to find the manual online for router.
2. Make a Unique Password: To secure your connection, the first thing you should do is to change the default password.
3. Change Network SSID : By default wireless network name is set to the brand name of router, to change it is the good idea to secure your connection.
4. Enable encryption in network: Several methods are used for encryption in wireless setting like WEP, WPA and WPA2. Choose WEP, if you have older devices otherwise choose WPA2. Set a passphrase to access network which is difficult to guess by others.
5. Reduce the range of wireless: Decrease the range of your router by change it to 802.11g or use different wireless channel.
6. Filter MAC address: Find the MAC address for your computers by opening Command Prompt and typing in “ipconfig /all”, which will show your MAC address beside the name “Physical Address”. Find the MAC addresses of Wireless mobile phones and other portable devices under their network settings.
To enable MAC address filtering, first make a list of all your hardware devices that you want to connect to your wireless network. Find their MAC addresses, and then add them to the MAC address filtering in your router’s administrative settings.

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