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Best Web Blocking Software?

By eporteni ·
Does anyone have any opinion or ideas as to the best software to use for blocking various web sites? This would be for a school environment, where they would need to block some, but also have the option to open sites up when needed.

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Content blocking

by MadMark In reply to Best Web Blocking Softwar ...

I like the centrally managed ones, myself, like SessionWall or I-Gear. They can be configured to display an error message, a warning about the content, and to log the access attempt in case you want to slap a little wrist from time to time.

I used to use SessionWall. It's a great product, I think Computer Associates bought it.

Symantec makes I-Gear & Mail-Gear. Used to work for them. Also great tools.

You could also use something like NetNanny or CyberSitter if you want to go cheap, easy to 'get around' and no real reporting features.

Good luck.

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by tbragsda In reply to Best Web Blocking Softwar ...

Good full reporting, easy to configure and maintain. Lacks remote management, but otherwise is a great product.

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Try WinProxy

by dmiavez In reply to SurfControl

We use this product in our SMB
and it has A/V and blocking modules for additional cost. Good product, it includes manual methods of blocking specific domains, ports, allows selective protocols and users; it caches pages, will perform NAT, has firewall and port mapping fuctions. Only shortcoming we've found is that you cannot privately address multiple internet IP's behind it, so not very functional in an enterprise environment with multiple web servers....

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Best Web Blocking Software?

by Girish HS In reply to Best Web Blocking Softwar ...

You should be looking at a second generation software from ContentKeeper, it is the best URL filtering tool available in the marker now.

Contentkeeper just sold a 4000 user license to a school in Australia.


I am using the same in my orginazation now and I can feel the difference in the productivity and the bandwidth saved.

Girish HS

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Best Web Blocking Software?

by Girish HS In reply to Best Web Blocking Softwar ...

Hi all,

While we are talking two players in the world of Web Filtering Tools. I would also like to put a few words about a second generation Web filtering tool available in the market now.

ContentKeeper Technologies Specializes in proucring state-of-the-art applicances and software products designed to assist corporate, government and ISP clients to better manage there orginization's access t internet resources.

CKT (ContentKeeper Technologies) allows orginazations to monitor, manage and control staff access to the internet.

*** CKT's Closed Loop Collaborative Filtering Technology ensures that CKT is the world's best web-filtering solution. (Users must see more about Collaborative Filtering Technology on the web site).***
CKT has both a built-in real-time engine to catch new sites as well as the industry's most up-to-date site control list (with hourly updates).

CKT followes similer approach like SurfControl for its Management console and the reporting is much better in line with other Filtering tools in the market.

CKT also employs AI techniques and the latest in M.A.R.I.O real time blocking and classification technology to catch new and previously unvisited sites.

If Enterprise is really interested in seeing more about CKT then

If you may not want to download a evaluation copy of the software and would like to have a more direct approach to seeing it work, you could set your browser to a virtual proxy provided by CKT (provided by request only).

I would really appriciate if people could really add more to this discussion in bringing more to Web Filtering.

Girish HS

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