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    Best Website Layouts & Designs


    by userdeletedbyrequest ·

    At the moment I am bored, and a little gutted but that doesn?t matter! Well anyway I like to design websites in my free time just for the fun of it really. Just wondering what people think is a good website design and layout please submit your URLs


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      Web Design…

      by toms45 ·

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      often falls short of the real purpose – to convey information (not just data or facts) to the viewer. Too many fonts, colors, ad rotators, absolutly NO stupid mouse pointers or followers, navigation clearly and concisely shown. Backgrounds that obscure text are another no no. Take a look at some Fortune 500 co. web sites. The US military sites seem to be pretty well laid out, too. And, please, please, don’t use some of the freeware junk that “Creates your web site with just 1 click!”
      Seriously, the judicious use of borders, frames, banners, and graphics goes a long way to having great site, but, the whole purpose is to deliver information. Good luck and send me a link to a site you create.

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      A good website is one that sells

      by support ·

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      You should focus on marketing strategy!

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