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Best Wiki for a Linux Server

By jmgarvin ·
So, I'm digging around for an easy to setup/maintain wiki that will be hosted on a Linux box. Currently, MediaWiki ( has caught my eye. I took a look at tiddlywiki ( and can't say it turned my crank.

Any suggestions?

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Slightly off topic

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Best Wiki for a Linux Ser ...

What kind of material will be on this wiki? Will it in an academic environment, something personal, or a job on the side? These questions have nothing to do with yours, I'm just wondering.

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Workish wiki

by jmgarvin In reply to Slightly off topic

The general idea is to provide useful information to various inside parties and to get noobs up to speed quickly.

I was thinking of basic example for various SQL kung fu that they'll need, our app stuff, and IIS tuning that isn't clear.

I was planning on also using it as a way to start stronger documentation on the harder technical stuff that sucks to document, but in an informal wiki, we can at least get a start.

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a suggestion then

by Jaqui In reply to Workish wiki


full features, it can be used for a lot of communication / documentation needs.

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by jmgarvin In reply to a suggestion then

That might be the one! I've got a few configuration frustrations, but over all it looks pretty straight forward and easy to maintain.

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MediaWiki hands down

by jimmy-jam In reply to Best Wiki for a Linux Ser ...

I have "played" with several other wiki's and found MediaWiki to be the easy to setup and had the best documentation for setting up. I also thought it looked the best but my opinion may be skewed a little because it is just what I am used to seeing.


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I'm on the fence now

by jmgarvin In reply to MediaWiki hands down

Jaqui pointed me to tikiwiki and I like MediaWiki...arg...

I'll have to play ;-)

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To know it is to love it

by klaasvanbe In reply to I'm on the fence now

All tools become more valuable the more you use them so you get more used to it.
I love TiddlyWiki, because I use it now for like 3 years. Since you told us you want to use it on a server it would not be your best bet since it's basically meant for clients...
Therefore it's probably the easiest to install. Maintenance is easy on all of them. It's the big plus of Wiki's in general.

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