Better way to handle virus attacks

By lhouston ·
Where I work if there is high virus activity on the internet the system blocks all 3rd party email from outside the company and everything from yahoo or hotmail. Several of our clients use yahoo or hotmail accounts and communication becomes uncertain during these virus attacks. Is there a better way to handle this? I have been tasked with developing a better system to handle virus threats. Is there an easy solution to this? What kind of costs would be associated with implementation? Any advice would be welcome.

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You got it covered

by mjd420nova In reply to Better way to handle viru ...

Don't mess with what works for you. If you have had no attacks while those blocks are in place, well maybe you got something. I guess that those email services aren't doing what they can to stop these intrusions but most ISPs will provide whats needed to prevent and stop virus attacks in their domains. Aside from that, a total block from the internet is the only real protection, but who can subsist with just in house systems, no news, stock tickers or even online trading. Sacrifices have to be made and consequences for failure to implement protection are part of the inevitablity of sucssesful mail bots and such worms and trojans. Each is trying to replicate itself in as many different machines as possible, I guess that's what makes it a virus, they just have different methods of attack and attempts to phone home and deposit or retrieve a new listing.

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Well the obvious thing to do is issue your own E-Mail

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Better way to handle viru ...

Addresses and totally block both Yahoo & Hot Mail completely.

You can setup a Mail Server with Exchange on it and issue the different E-Mail accounts from there or if you want a cheaper alternative you can use Apache for Windows if you are working with a small LAN without a server or use Apache on your server application and make your mail boxes there and direct them to the workers/end users.

Personally I dislike both the Yahoo & Hot Mail systems as they make any LAN way to open to attack but if you are happy with the current system and don't want to invest any time or money you may prefer to stick with it.


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