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Beware Lexmark Products

By EmeraldDruid ·
A couple of years ago I purchased a Lexmark X2470 all in one printer. I don't use it all that often so I had only changed the ink cartridge a few times in that 2 years.

A few days ago I was changing the ink cartridge when the front clip broke off making the machine a piece of junk with hardly any use on it.

So I called Lexmark customer support to purchase another clip to repair the machine. They advised me that they could not send me another part at cost but said they would be happy to sell me another machine at a 20% discount.

Why would I want to buy another Lexmark piece of junk when I already have one sitting right here next to me ?

I took a really close look at the part that had broken off and it was designed in such a way that it WOULD break off in a not too long period of time.

If you look closely at the part there are only 2 small areas on each side of the part where it is attached to the machine where the bottom half of the attaching circle is attached to the top half of the circle. This is exactly the point where the part had broken off on both sides.

Since Lexmark refuses to back their designed to fail products after shoving them out the door with a 30 second warranty I am making my own replacement part to repair the machine.
With one major difference. I am using a more pliant and less brittle plastic and instead of having an area where the part can fail by design I will have a solid area where the clip attaches to the machine.

I just saw in looking around tech republic that HP advertizes replacement parts for their products.

Something definitely to keep in mind when purchasing printers for your companies !

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Just a few responses to your diatribe

by cmiller5400 In reply to Beware Lexmark Products

That's what you get when you buy a cheap printer. I'm surprised the ink was still usable and hadn't dried up. Sometimes it is more cost effective to buy a new printer when you run out of ink I just read a feedback on a printer (don't remember brand) but when customer called in for an RMA, the company didn't even want the broken printer back. Probably cost more to ship it back to them than it was worth.

I will say, that my trusty old Epson CX4600 all in one is still hanging in there after all these years... I've had good luck with Epson printers for home use.

Have you looked here -->

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Yes I Did Check There

by EmeraldDruid In reply to Just a few responses to y ...

All they have for parts are the power cord and some other irrelevant item.

I am making the new part myself. I did a lot of custom car modeling when I was a kid. After examining the part carefully I figured out exactly what I would need to create a functional new part. Went to a hobby store and bought a thick sheet of styrene plastic and a tube of testors glue.

I cut most of the pieces of the new part today using a square and some clamps and a razor saw. I still have to do a little more work on 2 of the pieces before I assemble them.

Then simply glue it together again using a square to keep the right alignment on each piece.

So for less than 5$ the thing will actually work better than before because the plastic I am using isn't as brittle as their creation was and it also won't have that design flaw that caused it to break.

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Yep I do have to agree

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Yes I Did Check There

Lexmark just like Lenovo is defiantly no where near as good as when they where owned buy IBM.

But then again the products are a lot cheaper as well so you get what you pay for I suppose.


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Get what you pay for

by gwardell In reply to Yep I do have to agree


But do we even realize what it is costing us by the time we buy the supplies and the part breaks and we call and wade through the menu system to get a replacement all to no avail. And as most people would do, through the thing out with the unused supplies and buy another brand.

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Yep it's called Free Enterprise

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Get what you pay for

Waste is good and the more waste that a Company can make the customer wear the better it is for the company.

Of course the other side is that a Company can produce a Great Reliable Product supply every conceivable part and they don't sell because they are too expensive for the public to buy. Currently the majority want Cheap and Nasty so that's what they buy.


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by robo_dev In reply to Beware Lexmark Products

they also sell parts, cheap.

I don't work for them.

Don't expect a $80 printer to be built like a tank. The ink is the most expensive single component in it.

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