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Beware Power Users

By Laughing Jack ·
There is a saying "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing" and there is no other subject that this is more aptly applied to than I.T. I have had experience of "power users" who claim to have tremendous knowledge and ability until it comes down to the bottom line and they are faced with a problem they do not know how to approach although, if they applied a little thought to the matter, the answer is quite simple. At this point two things happen: 1. They ignore the problem either hoping it will go away or that one of their collegues will spot it and report it to support. 2. Their interest in I.T. wanes rapidly and suddenly they are too busy with their own job to offer help.
This is not to say that power users cannot be trained to be helpful but try and avoid the "I've got a computer at home" brigade.

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