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Beyond business basics - The mystic of modern management eats your problems and passes wisdom

By robin_conway ·
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Beyond business basics - The mystic of modern management eats your problems and passes wisdom

by robin_conway In reply to Beyond business basics - ...

It is not about you. It is about getting the job done - moving from point "A" to point "B", building efficiencies, making money, and generally making things better. If you and your team concentrate on these things the need for heroics, excuses and forgiveness go down dramatically. If people work well and efficiently they can have a work:life balance without constantly having to be aware of it. There are man ways to get "there". Knowing the difference between strategy and tactics, between need and want, between requirements and functions is a good start. Combine these with excellent tools (I think people should be considered ultra high powered tools) and you'll begin to move from manager to leader - and we need more leaders. I try to annihilate analogies, crush cliches and eradicate idiots. You don't need firefighters if you eliminate the arsonists, you don't need policemen if you have a populace who understands the rules of the road, and you don't need soldiers if there is never a war - heroic behavior and actions in business are a sign of poor preparation. Dig and dig and dig and when you find the real cause of a problem eliminate it. Measuring defects and building systems to deal with defects are stupid - eliminate defects and the need for the measures and reactive systems goes away. I am a guru. I know that neither a thin nor a thick skin is good for business - so I have no skin at all. I observe, I analyze and I make things happen - easily, silently and without pain. I hope to share my experiences with you and hope they can move you towards your own business enlightenment.

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