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Beyond Passwords? - extra security

By JohnOfStony ·
Passwords currently are simply a sequence of characters, ideally known only to those with authority to access the password-protected resource. Is there a simple way to add TIMING to the entry of the characters of a password? Suppose my password is "1234". If I wait 1 second between the 1 and the 2 then type 3 as quickly as possible after the 2 and then wait another 1 second before typing the 4, this would constitute a "Time Signature". If this "time signature" could be recognised in addition to the simple character sequence, it would seriously increase security. It would also seriously undermine the effectiveness of current key logger spyware. Has anyone implemented such a scheme? Does/did it work? Is/was it more trouble than the benefits were worth?

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Go with BioMetric's -

by JimHM In reply to Beyond Passwords? - extra ...

Go with Finger print over the timed sequence - we found that the finger print technology has been on average 96% accrate. Facial runs around 75% -

Right now the all Bio's are connected to a password - that is the next step.... The user will have to enter a password - and apply thier finger ... to get on or in...

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An idea

by AcidJazz In reply to Beyond Passwords? - extra ...

Ive not seen anything like that before. However one of my mates at college for his computing course is working on a sort of game, it requires you to input keystrokes at certain time. The computers speaker emits a beep at regular intervals and u have to type in time. like rhythm action games if you will. Lets say the thing beeps at reglar intervals - like beats in a bar to use a musical analogy - then when you type your password it logs the 'beat' the keystroke occoured on. This will form a 'rhythm' which must be played on the correct keys to form a coherant 'melody' see what i mean. Only thing I thought of is what happens if you input a wrong key ans know it. If your password is a sentence (like mine) having to type it all in again will be a pain in the ***. Also, as my friend did, you would ahve to give each key a margin in time either way. an exact temporal replication of anykeystroke in a seqence couldnt be done twice...

Well thats all i got
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