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Beyond the Ultimate Preventive Maintenance Checklist: Suggestions needed!

By JodyGilbert ·
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One of the most popular TechRepublic resources has historically been the Ultimate Preventive Maintenance Checklist. Since its most recent update in October 2003, this list has been downloaded by some 13,000 TechRepublic members.

Now we think it may be time for another update--one that includes your suggestions for procedures that optimize PC performance, reduce equipment wear and tear, and head off potential degradation or system failures.

In its current incarnation, the checklist contains 29 items, ranging from file cleanup chores (removing old zip, tmp, and ~ files, emptying the Recycle bin) to checking connections to cleaning out the power supply and CPU.

But although it purports to be "ultimate," the checklist could stand to be a little MORE ultimate--and that's our mission here. We'd like to collect as many new items as possible so that we can build out the checklist to encompass all the essentials, from routing out spyware to keeping the registry in fighting shape.

What's missing from our checklist? What details are lacking? What procedures and best practices do you faithfully employ to keep your PCs healthy? Please jump into the discussion with your recommendations. The next iteration of the Ultimate Preventive Maintenance Checklist will benefit greatly from your contributions!

Jody Gilbert
TechRepublic Editor

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Where is Beyond Ultimate checklist

by tayl429 In reply to Beyond the Ultimate Preve ...

I have the October 2003 version, now I'm looking for the newest version that has 29 items. Where is the downloadable file?

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"Beyond" is still pending

by JodyGilbert In reply to Where is Beyond Ultimate ...

If you have the 2003 version, you've got the latest one, with the 29 items. We're hoping to beef it up with a new version based on additional suggestions from members. The link in my first post will take you to the current download.

Jody Gilbert

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PM Checklist

by pljulienne In reply to "Beyond" is still pending

Where can I get the 2003 version?

Pat Julien

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Reboot first and last...

by ChrisG In reply to Beyond the Ultimate Preve ...

Here is a portion of the tactic that works well for me, and just might be a technique that can help fine tune the P.M. list.

Start by rebooting...this allows you to observe the machine's behavior to notice possible abnormalities right away, or at least you'll know that the computer starts up properly before you have worked on it.

Update spyware and antivirus signatures.

Delete your Temporary Internet files, .tmp, .chk, et al.

Empty the Recycle Bin.

Run Antivirus scan - deleting those files first will help the scans run a little or a lot quicker.

Next, reboot into safe mode and run your spyware removal software. We know booting into Safe Mode can make spyware removal more effective...

Thank you for the opportunity to contribute.

Chris Guffey

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Over a quarter-million served

by wordworker In reply to Beyond the Ultimate Preve ...

As I recall the original incarnation, from the early days of TR, was downloaded over 250,000 times before the '03 overhaul. I look forward to the "beyond" version.

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Additional Programs for More Advanced users

by Richard H. In reply to Beyond the Ultimate Preve ...

I would suggest that for the more "technically inclined" user, that the list also adds a section on self maintenance. This would include running programs like AdAware, SbyBot Search & Destroy, and MailWasher to find, fix and keep harmful files off the system.
The list should also include a section on setting up a personal firewall (using something like ZoneAlarm, BlackIce, etc.) and setting up some sort of anti-virus software to prevent additional harmful files from getting on the system.

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by mapleisl In reply to Beyond the Ultimate Preve ...

You may want to address flushing the Prefetch log and controlling the Prefetch parameters for XP users.

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Unable to Find Link - Preventative Maintenance Checklist

by scams In reply to Beyond the Ultimate Preve ...

You mentioned in a suceeding post that the link for downloading the Preventative Maintenance Checklist was in your initial post. Unfortunately I could not find it. Would appreciate the link in an additional post. Thanks, Sam.

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Checklist available from Tech Toolshed

by JodyGilbert In reply to Beyond the Ultimate Preve ...

Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions for revamping the checklist. We decided to remove the old version from the TechRepublic downloads page and create a premium version of the list, which consists of 50 items. The new version is available for sale at

Jody Gilbert
TechRepublic editor

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you suck for charging

by gtk68 In reply to Checklist available from ...

you suck for charging

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