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Hi, does anyone know anything obout BGInfo?

Scenario is:

Have 2 Web servers which i access through Remote Desktop. Web1 is live system, Web2 is secondary server.
On Friday we did some windows updates on Web2, had users test, then on Monday we switched IP addresses so now the users are actually using Web2 as the live system while we upgrade Web1.

Now after switching IP address, when i log in through RD, I get a BGInfo error:
"Error importing settings from "\\ipaddress\customisation\filename.bgi"

Everything seems to work ok, click ok and it goes away..

I've googled and from what i can tell this is maybe soemthing to do with registry settings, so i'm assuming its just basic preferneces or desktop settings which have gotten a bit confused form switching the IP address?
Having said that, we've done this before and not got the error..?

So, do you think its imperative we get this sorted before proceeding, or we can continue bumbling along in blissful ignorance?

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by rob mekel In reply to BGInfo Error

Did you install the BGInfo yourself or ... is there some-one messing around with your systems??

The ....\filename.bgi file is not a big problem as to my knowledge but ... is a warning that something on the system has changed and/but is not in the settings of your BGInfo system.


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by Shellbot In reply to BGInfo

I / we have not installed the BGInfo. Maybe someone did a while back. (our infrastructure in non existant and we have a company that normally takes care of our hardware and OS.)

Its never come up before, just since we switched the IP addresses. Note that we did install SP1 & 2 years worth of updates on Web2 before we switched the IP's. (long long story). However, the same BGInfo error is coming up on Web1 as well, and that has NOT had SP1 or any updates installed.

So, you reckon i can just close my eyes for now and just keep clicking ok on it????

I know i must sound like a real idiot about this, but I know nothing about this type of stuff..

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As switching from

by rob mekel In reply to nope

IP-address does change the location of the file the eror message will pop up every time.

So to be on the sure side that not an @sshole has entered the systeem do check on if BGInfo was installed by an authorised person. Just for security reasons

And not knowing about this stuff isn't that big a thing. We can't know all about everything. That's why we can ask collegue's on TR :)


ps2 Please do keep me informed :)
ps3 edited for those frickin emoticons

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by rob mekel In reply to BGInfo Error

Switching IP adresses does do that trick to the BGInfo system lol


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okily dokily

by Shellbot In reply to Switching

well, i'll report it to my superiors and they can decide what they want done about it..i not gonna break my heart over it :)

thanks :)

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by rob mekel In reply to okily dokily


ps URL addressing doesn't (to my knowledge)
edited for ps

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