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BGP and HSRP setup guides?

By aaratt ·
Looks like I will be setting up BGP for the first time, as well as using HSRP. This is my first time doing this and I could use as much guidence as possible.

Does anyone have a link or a guide for setting up BGP and/or HSRP.

I have been reading lots on how this works and some on configuring our cisco router, but a check list or process steps would be very helpful!


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Nice little article on BGP

by LordInfidel In reply to BGP and HSRP setup guides ...
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This may be just what you need

by MaxPower1111 In reply to BGP and HSRP setup guides ...

What you are planning there is quite complex, but not impossible for a good all-around Network Engineer. One thing I would like to mention is to persuade your bean counters to purchase a cisco service aggreement for that particular device, for telephone support only. this will allow you to call cisco and they will practically configure it for you. if you connect a modem there is a good chance they will just dial-in to the router and do it. If you must do it yourself go here for some reading:**86a0080093f2c.shtml

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good point

by DukeBytes In reply to This may be just what you ...

We have a maint contract on all the Cisco stuff that we have. And their support is great.

If you just can't get past something - you can email your configs to them and they will look it over - work up the solution for you and send it back.

Try it yourself before you call them tho. You will always learn more that way. Screw it up and have them help fix it when you need them to and you will understand how it works :)

Good luck,

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Thanks for the links and advice.

by aaratt In reply to BGP and HSRP setup guides ...

We are now pressing along with the BGP setup. I really appreciate the replies and thank you all for the help. I have checked out the links and they were informative. I will have to tap into CISCO support too.


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