BGP (border gateway protocol)

By billiam_home2 ·
Which three conditions can cause BGP neighbor establishment to fail? I will like somebody to give me a details cause for the failures of BGP in the networks.

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At least remove the question number when you cut and paste!!

by robo_dev In reply to BGP (border gateway proto ...

What mechanism does BGP use to establish neighbor communication?

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by billiam_home2 In reply to At least remove the quest ...

Thanks for correcting my errors, that was a kind gesture. As for the question you asked .
I think BGP use interior gateway routing protocols to communicate with internal BGP, also it uses external BGP to communicate with neigboring autonomous systems.

But you have not given a response to my question or are you taking me towards the answer?

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by cmiller5400 In reply to BGP

You expect US to do your homework? ROTFLMAO

I wouldn't want to hire you with your study ethics.

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2 Things

by career In reply to BGP (border gateway proto ...

2 Things I can think of:

1) Not having connectivity (neighbor is unreachable or has port 179 blocked)

2) Neighbors are configured with wrong AS Numbers

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