Big Boot Up Problems

By paulsbeck ·

The other day my Dell Latitude notebook failed to boot. Not even the fan started. All I got was a little green power light. Tried all combinations of removing battery / AC only etc. When there was no battery or AC, the green light died. Tried to start again - the capslock key flickers to life briefly, as does a second green light below the power light... then it's just back to the green power light only. No fan, no screen, no sound, nothing.

Had to go out at that time (which probably saved me from throwing the thing out of the window). Came back hours later and hey bingo, the problem had disappeared. Normal service resumed.

Days later the problem is back, except it hasn't solved itself after a few hours this time.

Any advice?

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Sounds like you did

by zlitocook In reply to Big Boot Up Problems

Most of what you needed to. Did you remove the power supply, battery and hold down the power on button for several minutes? This drains all power from the system.
Is it still under warrenty? If so call Dell, have you removed the hard drive and replaced it? It sounds like the main board is going out. I would try to get back on and back it up fast.

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by CG IT In reply to Sounds like you did

if it's under warranty, send it to Dell .

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by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to Big Boot Up Problems

Your cmos battery is nearly dead,you need to replace it.Seen it hundreds of times

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