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Big Brother Limitations

By rsuter69 ·
As a Systems GNOC Operator for a large ISP, I am trying to build a case to purchase some more servers in order to run Big Brother. We currently use Big Brother for monitoring our devices in the field, however I believe our one server is being over worked. Currently our tools support team is running over 1600 devices on 1 Big Brother server, ranging from SMTP, FTP, POP-3, DNS, SMS, VOSS, BOSS, etc, etc.
Alarms that first show on our monitoring screens can be up to 36-48 minutes old. This is not helpful in providing around the clock up to the minute support for our divisions.

In the ever lasting battle with the finance group for the last 2 years, our Tools Support team keeps adjusting poling times and tweaking the one server to try to compensate and resolve our alarm delays. I believe that purchasing a total of four servers with Big Brother and breaking the divisions up per region for monitoring is the best route?

Are there and known limitations or faults in Big Brother that I can use to help support my case?

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Obvious Problems with Setup

by membership In reply to Big Brother Limitations

I am not familiar with Big Brother, but I will offer some general advice. You can gather all the technical backing you need, but the real focus point should be on customer services. If the ISP is down, that is poor customer service. And if you do not know for a long time there is an issue, that is poor customer service. Additionally, you have to ask: what if this server dies? You have no redundancy what so ever until the hardware or software can be repaired.

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