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Big Data and Its Role

By kushihappy1991 ·
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Big data is playing an important role in many disciplines including computer science, information technology, and social sciences.Advanced and actionable Big Data Solutions will help businesses to grow and acts as a key criteria in decision making of organizations .The critical challenge in present days is how we use the data and extract the right information needed .Big Data also relates to growing technologies like Internet of Things .Internet of Things is the technology of Smart connected devices where Data plays a key role .

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Information Regarding Big Data

by lakshmi.nandikam In reply to Big Data and Its Role

I am the beginner of this technology so i want to learn something relevant information regarding big data. How to Advanced and actionable Big Data Solutions will help businesses to grow and acts as a key criteria in decision making of organizations? can you explain about this process clearly and also tell me something about what is the main purpose and uniqueness with this technology compare to other technologies? why we choose big data in our applications?

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Re: Big Data

by RS_Darwin In reply to Information Regarding Big ...

Big data is a unique and highly effective tool, which help companies make better, more informed decisions as shown in the following examples:

1. Starbucks: Starbucks uses big data to determine the potential success of every new location prior to expanding their operations. With location-based data, traffic data, demographic data, and customer data, they’re able to estimate the general success rate of each new store, so they can choose locations based on the propensity toward revenue growth, thus decreasing the financial risk of each new store.

2. The Heathman Lodge, located in Vancouver, Wash., is a hotel that was experiencing some major difficulties in establishing optimal rates for hotel rooms. They lacked the data that was critical to informing rate charges for clients, resulting in the hotel charging less than each room was worth. With big data management, they are able to see the ways that holidays, weekends, local events, and seasonal changes impact the demand on their rooms. This enables them to adjust room rates based on the fluctuating demands of customers, thus significantly enhancing their revenue potential.

These companies are just some of those businesses which utilize CTI software from companies like Tenfold to capture 100% of customer interactions and predict customer behavior along with other activities based on previously acquired data through interactions. See here:

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Big Data and Its Role

by alvinaamanda11 In reply to Big Data and Its Role

Big Data is a pretty interesting field, but I believe if you want to go the Hadoop route, you might not be the best fit considering you're bad at programming. Maybe Business intelligence as it's a happy medium. Doing some data mining stuff with SSAS seems similar.

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Job Opportunity in Canberra

by Kenneth@Cloudera In reply to Big Data and Its Role

Hey guys,

I would just like to reach out to see if any of you have friends with Hadoop/Big Data experience looking for work in Canberra?
One of the key requirement of the role however, is for someone to have PV level clearance due to the nature of work with some of our federal clients.

Any referrals or advice to point me in a direction of my search will be most appreciated.


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Advertising technology and Big Data

by alexalutor In reply to Big Data and Its Role

You forget about Big Data role in advertising and marketing. The possibilities to analyze massive amounts of data is helping digital advertisers and publishers to discover new opportunities, spot trends and structures, and gain practical insights that lead to competitive advantage. Check this article for more info

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Big Data is evolving

by adriancole83 In reply to Big Data and Its Role

So it does makes sense. Big Data or any data which is now in huge numbers, too complex and needs an immediate resolve. So yes its role is huge.

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big data and its role

by ruchichouhan In reply to Big Data and Its Role

Big data term means large amount of data .That means big data store any type of data like structure unstructured and semi structure.For handle the large amount of data in now a days big data is came.Big data handle the large amount of data with the help of hadoop.
Role of big data
big data is store all kind of data.
resolve the problem the large amount of data.

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BigData in Recruitment

by jdsahu In reply to Big Data and Its Role

Big Data is one of the buzzwords of digitalization. The analysis of large quantities of revealing data from many areas of professional and private life is here to stay. Big Data plays just as crucial a role in recruitment process as it does in the Recruitment Sector.

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