big email problem

By eltonpiko ·
hi all hope one can help me out.there a company i do all the support they got a very big email problem they sending and receiving no error in the outlook 2007.but they complain that they are not receiving all there email
.the email is hosted on a international server and set-up up in outlook as pop mail.they get some mail but don't for most of them or they receive it a few days late.using a dedicated 1m broad bend internet connection.what can cause this problem if you do send and receive in outlook all is OK.

what can i do for a solution to this problem these people rely a lot on emails.

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Two possible solutions right off the top of my head....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to big email problem

The first would be to check the way Outlook is setup. There is an option which is not automatically turned on which tells Outlook to check the email every so many minutes. With that turned off, Outlook only checks when email is actually sent or when the Send/Receive button is clicked.

The second is that it's possible their servers don't forward the email on to the client right away. It's also possible their server has junk mail filters which are configurable through a web interface. In this case, contact the company which hosts their email account to determine where the delay is at.

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by eltonpiko In reply to Two possible solutions ri ...

i also tot of that because first of all were using an international server and if im not wrong before that mail actually come inside the inbox it has to pass in deferent server the senders,my server,my isp server then to inbox and along the way its getting block some were. ok so would it help me anyway if i remove the email from that hosting company and build my own email server(exchange) and host it locally which one is the better option?

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Hosting your own is always better....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to block

That way, YOU have control and not the ISP.

However, that may be a pretty expensive way to do it. Exchange servers often need lots of TLC... It depends on the size of the company though, so only you and your client can decide which is best.

What you might think about using though, is a reputable hosted exchange server instead of doing it in-house yourself. Our company uses USA.NET, located in Denver, Colorado, USA, but I'm sure there are probably very good ones located closer to you over there.

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Very possible, they are blocked

by The Scummy One In reply to big email problem

from a SPAM filter setting or something.

Depending upon the software used, it may be counting legit emails as SPAM, especially if they are coming from a shared server, which has been reported as sending SPAM previously.

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