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    BIG PROBLEM: AGP Cards = No functional WinXP


    by stevenl4 ·

    Okay, this may be a long and complicated story but please, bear with me. I’m losing hope .

    I currently run a Dell Dimension 4600, which was equipped with a GF FX 5200 Ultra 256mb card. I decided to upgrade it and purchased an ATI Radeon X800 Pro card (along with a 400watt PSU in order for it to work). Now, I replaced the 5200 for the X800 and everything seemed okay. I just needed to install the drivers for the ATI card. I placed in the CD that came with the card and it says that I need a “standard VGA adapter” in order for the new ATI drivers to take effect. So my first question is, where do I obtain this “standard VGA adapter”?

    I then did some quick research but didn’t fully understand. So I uninstalled the ATI drivers so I can reinstall them, perhaps from the ATI site. I did that and it says I needed .NET framework v2.0. I then downloaded 2.0 and even 3.0. But the drivers didn’t install. Actually, the display drivers did but the Catalyst Control Center, which is a vital part of the drivers, didn’t. I then uninstalled the ATI drivers and restarted my computer to start over. I did so and this problem arose: After I reach the Windows XP load screen, where the blue bars indicate that Winxp is loading, the screen stays blank and I can’t access windows. I tried it several times but it didn’t work.

    I thought maybe it was because the motherboard was a little too old (though i got this computer in late 2004 compared to the 2005 release of the x800 pro). I then put the FX 5200 card back in and everything worked fine again. According to the ATI Radeon manual, I needed to remove all drivers before installing my ATI card. I don’t know how this existed but I still had my nVIDIA drivers installed. I uninstalled that, put the x800 card in, and restarted. The same problem happened again. After the Xp load process, it doesn’t continue to where I can login to my XP account. I then put my FX 5200 card back in and the same problem happened again.

    I went on my sister’s laptop and spoke to a Dell tech via chat and he told me a possible solution is reinstalling winxp with the the restore cd. Though I can see that it’s a good way to resolve this, I still want to end up having my computer run the X800 Pro card. He also told me I can use onboard video, which is what I am using now, and it’s my only way of accessing Windows XP and my files.

    I did some more research when I got onto my computer and I learned that I need to update the “AGP driver” for my motherboard (which is an Intel 865PE). My question is..where do I obtain the AGP driver?

    I checked the intel site and I downloaded drivers for my chipset, the i865PE, and the desktop board drivers: “Intel? Chipset Software Installation Utility for Intel? Desktop Boards”. I put the ATI card back into the AGP slot, booted, and same problem happened. I got back via onboard and spoke to a friend online. He told me that I should update my BIOS. I went onto the Dell site and downloaded and installed the new BIOS version. This didn’t work either.

    I can only use my computer if I use integrated graphics and I really prefer if I can use my new ATI card. I’m starting to get really worried so please help me. I have tried almost every solution I can think of and what my previous help has thought of. Thank you in advance.

    recapping so you can understand my situation easier after the read:
    -I’d like to know where I can get a standard vga adapter
    -BOTH the ATI (x800) and nvidia (5200) have the same problem where I can’t get past the Windows XP load screen
    -where do i download agp drivers for my intel/dell motherboard?

    my current specs:
    Intel 865PE
    P4 2.8GHz 533fsb
    1024MB 266mhz
    400W PSU
    was Geforce FX 5200; now Intel(R) extreme graphics 2

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      by stevenl4 ·

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      1. the VGA adapter is there, just not *recognized* by ATI

      by absolutely ·

      In reply to BIG PROBLEM: AGP Cards = No functional WinXP

      Check this for background info on “VGA”:

      ATI also has an uninstall utility, called “cat_uninstall.exe” I think. Whatever the exact name, its purpose is to completely get rid of all ATI software on your computer so you can re-install “from scratch”, without any botched installation files in your way. Also, did you install .NET Framework 1.1 before installing 2.0? I’m not sure that matters. ATI has very good tech support in my experience, and you have a popular model of motherboard. I’m sure they’ve already solved this exact problem more than once.

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      the open question seems to be “agp driver”

      by absolutely ·

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      That’s the accelerated graphics port, and the only drivers needed should be from the video card manufacturer. Maybe install them in Safe Mode…

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      ignore “standard VGA adapter” message

      by absolutely ·

      In reply to BIG PROBLEM: AGP Cards = No functional WinXP

      That would be just the generic Microsoft driver for your new video card, or for any video card. You’d be disappointed with that anyway. If you skip that error there are three other most likely sources of trouble. One is the .NET installation, but you seem to have that under control. Make sure the BIOS has onboard video [b]dis[/b]abled. Then, install the newest ATI drivers from, not from the CD. Their CDs are out of date before the first one ships, and are good for nothing but a “verification” step during installation of the downloaded drivers!

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