Big tech companies

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How do big tech companies like; Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc, stay nimble?
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By separating infrastructure from products.

by shikhasinghkte In reply to Big tech companies

By separating infrastructure from products.

Most of the big software companies have converged on the same model: many employees work on shared infrastructure that is not connected directly to any one product. Other employees use that infrastructure to build products. This means that employees working on products have great tools built especially for that company's needs, which speeds up product development a lot. And the company can hire highly skilled, highly specialized and highly paid engineers to build the infrastructure.

I've considered only software companies in this article because they are what I know best.

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By separating infrastructure from products.

by amsuccessconnection In reply to By separating infrastruct ...

Thanks for your beautiful share.

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Google challenging

by JimInnovator37 In reply to Big tech companies

I think that they follow each other)) But seriously, it is challenging to remain popular and relevant. There is a thin line that cannot be crossed. Many giant companies have a constant weight of updates and changes, new cases. I recently read that Google has removed a popular financial services app for India. Why did he do this, probably the same Google knows. However, they are following their intended line. I envy their business strategy.

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