Big VB Studio and SQL2008 Express Problem

By brian ·
My collegue created a program in vb studio 2010 and sql2008. His software will run on windows xp 32 bit under studio 2010, but when it is placed onto vista 64 bit, it will not run and errors while trying to connect to an embeded table in the program (sql 2008 express). we can not get past the error unless we completely recreate the database on the vista machine. suggestions?!?!?!?!?

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Could be many things that

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Big VB Studio and SQL2008 ...

I gather you have to move the database with the application to get it to work.

So can you configure the application to point to the machine where the database server is installed or is that hardcoded to localhost?

Can you connecto the database server from the 64 bit machine outside of the application.
osql, Management studio, even a DSN.

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by brian In reply to Could be many things that

Tony, Response to question 1, the DB is an embeded DB in the application, when you install the software, it will install sql express 2008, then build the db's through the installation process (or run the application for the first time through visual studio). When opened in debugging mode on the same machine it will not build the db's and table but you can see the server where the db is supposed to live. When i imported this program to an xp machine and vs2010, i was able to run it just fine. that is the strange part (i believe it has something to do with 64 bit os but he doesn't think so....)

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Which version of sql express 2008

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to response

if it's the 32 bit...

Couldn't say without looking at the code but there are all sorts of potential differences he could have run into. Quite obviously something unexpected is happening, it could be how the 64 bit environment is set up, or sql server.
Its actually an embedded installation (an embeded database is a very different animal.

We do that and there were a numnber of issues we had to get round ,though we also deal with Full from sql2000 to 2008 and many more OS's so there's no way I can guess which one.

The clue apears to be won't build the databases, I'd work on you or maybe him getting a head round that.

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as always

by brian In reply to Which version of sql expr ...

Tony, as always your help is greatly appreciated. It is sql express 2008 64 bit (from the installation of visual studio 2010 64 bit). The system was running vista 64 bit, I did the exact same installation on a vista 32 bit box and the software built and ran just as happy as could be! It is definatly something in the 64 bit OS. I wonder what would happen if i tried to install the 32 bit version of express on the 64 bit machine (if it would install and even work). I'll try it to see what happens...just a very strange thing, you would think if it worked happily on a 32 bit machine, the only difference is the 64 bit os and it should definalty be able to handle 32 bit applications (though i do know that it doesn't always work lol). Thank you again for your help!

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I' dont think the 32 bui will install, even if it does

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to as always

I wouldn't recomend it.

MS hacked 32 bit sql2005 onto SBS2008 64 bit for a short while, had me and support banging our heads on the desk for a good while that.
Ended up not beimg able to use it and having to manually install 2008 express and then point our apps at it.

By default sqlserver installs with named pipes on and tcp/ip off named pipes works quite happily on a standalone, I suspect it goes berk trying to cross the 32 to 64 bit boundary though.

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