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Biggest Career Goofs

By SlappyMcnasty ·
I recently switched jobs. After three months, I am thinking that it may have been a mistake.

Looking back on my career, I decided that getting out of ABAP coding back in 1995 was probably my biggest career mistake or at least biggest mistake financially. I left for an overseas gig and when I came back my buddy was pulling in $200-$300 an hour as a contract ABAP coder.

We'll see if the job switch tops that one.

What big mistakes have the rest of you have made?

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by jdmercha In reply to Biggest Career Goofs

Although several companies has made the mistake of not offering me a job.

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by ITGuy01801 In reply to None

Your post should be explanation enough as to why they didn't offer you a job.

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Guess they are unemployed

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Wow

or unemployable!

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First Mistake?

by houston_og In reply to None

Learn to use grammar.

Although several companies have made the mistake of not offering me a job.

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Biggest Career Goofs

by nkqx57a In reply to Biggest Career Goofs

My biggest mistake was after more than 20 years as a hands-on DBA, I was given an opportunity to manage DBAs & DAs. Should have stayed in the hands-on, for my last three manager positions I was caught up in downsizing moves and now find myself working as a sales associate earning 25% of what I was earning in IT. These last 5 and half years have been the most difficult and frustrating of my life.

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Career Goof

by CodeBubba In reply to Biggest Career Goofs

Thanks. I hate that you had that happen (moving out of hands-on into management) but that just confirms for me that I don't want to do that. I've been writing code for 30 years now and am content doing that. The company keeps wanting to push me "up" into some kind of management role and I've been resisting that move. I think I'll keep resisting it. Managers are a dime-a-dozen.

-CB :)

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by nkqx57a In reply to Career Goof

Yes, managers are a dime a dozen; however, good managers are difficult to find and harder to keep. I believe I was one the good managers, I initially inherited a good team and made it better; then built new teams with new employers. But being a good people and technical manager isn?t worth anything when downsizing comes; you?re out the door, and in every case my manager took over and I found myself looking for another manager?s position. However, I would love to get back into the hands-on world again. I actually missed the day-to-day grind of hands-on Database and Data Administration work and putting out all the fires that would crop up, especially those at 3 AM and the beeper going off in the middle of a young daughter?s recital. I really miss the good old days?

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by fonegirl In reply to Biggest Career Goofs

Moving for more money (and it was closer to home)...but the company was not a good fit. Doesn't matter how much money you make, if you come in with your stomach in knots and go home in tears...its not worth it.

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Job Satisfaction.....

by Snak In reply to $$$

.... has to be worth $4,000 a year.

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I'm thinking you're underrating yourself!

by Zeppo9191 In reply to Job Satisfaction.....

I'm thinking more along the lines of 10-12k/year.

To me, personal satisfaction and pride in your contribution are - by far - the most important aspects of any job.

Of course, that doesn't mean you should be willing to accept less than what your work is worth, but don't ever settle for the tradeoff of headaches for higher pay.

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