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By tonysharples ·
hi i noticed bill detwiler,s piece on dust in computers, its allright to point it out, but everyone as dust in there computers , what are the manufacturerers doing about it . if there going to put a fan on the back of it blowing in , then theres is going to be dust , but isnt dust bad for computers , so is this a design flaw, and when will they be fixing it.

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It's already been addressed

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to bill detwiler dust

On any decent case there is a filter on the front where the air enters and you need to clean the filter on a regular basis.

Then there are the fan less cases which simply do not get any dust let alone Dustbunnies on the inside. Of course those cases cost more than standard cases so the big makers don't go anywhere near them on their budget models and you have to clean out the cases on a regular basis.

Here it's very much You Get What You Pay For.


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I've never seen a serious computer problem caused by mere dust

by CharlieSpencer In reply to bill detwiler dust

Indeed, I have in front of me a desktop that has been in our machine shop for several years. It's one of a few dozen systems of at least four models from three manufacturers that have been in this department. This is a building where everything quickly acquires a film of greases and solvents on any and all exposed surfaces and boy, does it gather dust. In some places on the mobo it's literally 1/8th to 3/16th inches thick. I can literally smear my initials in the coating, like the back window of an unwashed mud truck, yet it, it's brothers, and their predecessors all run / ran happily.

No, the CD drive and floppy don't function, the unused USB ports probably don't either. I wouldn't stake my life on it not failing, but I do plan on it continuing to function until we schedule it for replacement.

Dust? DUST?!? We don' worry 'bout no steenkin' dust!

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