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    Bill Engvall’s “Here’s your Sign”


    by cg it ·

    With the rash of questions on laptop password retrieval recently, I thought of Bill Engvall’s Here’s your Sign.

    When your friend gives you a used laptop and says it works just great, but when you get home you find out you don’t have the password…

    Here’s your Sign.

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      or how’s ’bout…

      by captbilly1eye ·

      In reply to Bill Engvall’s “Here’s your Sign”

      Should I post my question in the Question forum or the Discussion forum?

      …here’s your sign.

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      better yet…

      by captbilly1eye ·

      In reply to Bill Engvall’s “Here’s your Sign”

      Do ya think an Alert email should show what threads the new posts are from and maybe who made them and to who?
      Or… just a copy of each entire post with no references?

      … here’s your sign.

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        by cg it ·

        In reply to better yet…

        Those were good!!

        Here’s another we see on Tech Q&A

        in bold letters: Please Help, I can’t download updates because Windows XP says my product key isn’t any good. I got this machine from a friend. What do I do?

        here’s your sign.

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          Forgot that one… excellent! :^0

          by captbilly1eye ·

          In reply to lol


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      I’m new at networking

      by cg it ·

      In reply to Bill Engvall’s “Here’s your Sign”

      please help, I have internet connection on the server but workstations can’t connect to the internet, I’ve connected the
      DSL modem to a switch and all computers connect to the swtich, but still not internet connection.
      What could be wrong?

      They usually put CIO or upper IT management as their job description.

      “Here’s your sign”

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        by w2ktechman ·

        In reply to I’m new at networking

        I need help

        Incoherent message

        “Here’s your sign”

        Or some of my favorites

        I am a student and I cannot play online games or download music, please help

        “Here’s your sign”

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