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Billable vs. Internal

By HiTek-Hillbilly ·
I work for a major player in the BI/DW consulting arena, as a Senior Consultant. For this last quarter, I have primarily been assigned with internal projects such as creating internal training materials, delivering internal training and performing marketing functions such as delivering presentations at user group meetings and conferences.

70% of my possibility of a bonus comes from my "billable utilization". Because of my assignments, there is no way in Hades I am going to make my billable hours this quarter, so no bonus.

Is this the way your firm handles internal assignments, or are we unique? I feel like I am being jacked up on this, as I have no choice really but to work on the assignments that are handed to me, and yet I am being penalized for the fact that they are not billable. Any ideas?

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I have had the same problem

by MirrorMirror In reply to Billable vs. Internal

When I was a consultant I too was assigned billable and non-billable work by our account managers. I had no control over my time but was held accountable for not being 80% billable. It ended up that the account manager and the programmers had to agree that the programmer could refuse to work on non-billable work unless the account manager got written dispensation from his boss to use my time for internal work. Maybe you can talk to those who are assigning you your work and make sure that they realize that they(the company) are not as profitable as they should be if you are not billable. I think that billable work should always come before non-billable. Otherwise, they will need to change your bonus to something that you can acheive and control. Maybe you can tie your amount of billable work to those who are assigning you work so that their bonus is affected. Otherwise they won't care and will keep you non-billable. Good luck.

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Two explanations

by DC_GUY In reply to Billable vs. Internal

I think your managers are either idiots or cheapskates. If they don't realize what they're doing, get out of there before they screw up something that destroys the company. If they do realize what they're doing, they're basically giving you the finger. You'll eventually get fed up with the way they treat you in more ways than one and you'll leave.

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