By billtolbert ·
can anyone help me yahoo has me locked out and i realy need to get to my mail yahoo said tey sent me new pass word but i can not find it i am thankes to anyone that can help thanks my alternitive email is bill3434@NETZERO.COM AGAIN THANKS TO ANYONE THAT CAN HELP bill

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I can see why....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to

If you're posting your email address all over the internet like you did above, where the bots crawl around looking for them, I can see how and why you got your account hacked. You make it easy for them.

I would suggest you edit your original post and remove the email addresses. If another hacker doesn't find it, the SPAM bots will.

Sorry, there's nothing that anybody here can do to help you. You will have to work this out with Yahoo.


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I suggest you look again for the new password, before ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to

You lose any possibility of regaining control of your Ymail account whatsoever.

Examine ALL entries in your alternate email account, around the date that Yahoo! say they sent you the new password.

Also, make sure you check in any 'Junk Mail' or 'Spam' folders in this other email account.

As a last resort, make yourself another Ymail ID and for goodness sake, STOP ADVERTISING IT ON PUBLIC FORUMS, particularly IT sites where folk tend to know what they're doing when around computers!

Remember: TR is not just where all the good guys are - the bad guys are lurking here too. You've just broadcast your email addresses to all the bad guys (and the bots).


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Well you don't want that Yahoo account any more now anyway

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to

After posting it's address in a Public Forum it will be filled with Spam and be useless to you or anyone else.

Contact the people who sent you the Important E-Mail and get them to send it to a New Local Account you establish. Allowing your E-Mail to be stored by others and not on your local computer is just a recipe for Disaster. Of course if it is a Throw away account no worries but then again you shouldn't be getting Important E-Mail sent to it.


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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to

you need to edit your post and get rid of your email address. This is a worldwide forum. You have, by popping your email address into the subject line of your post, no less, given a formal invitation to every spammer on the planet to pay you a daily visit.

Oh sh*t. My bad. You probably deserve it, looking for cracking advice.

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'billtolbert' is coming up as a RASH all over Google ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to

This 'problem' with his ymail account has been on-going for over TWO MONTHS now.

Apparently it all stems from an initial problem with his PC, nothing to do with someone stealing his account.

The guy is sign-posting his email address at every given opportunity, in 24 point type where available.

Have a look:

Don't waste your time warning this Doofus - I reckon he wants the fame!

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Could be this ones way of launching a DOS Attack on Yahoo <NT> .

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to 'billtolbert' is coming u ...

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